Build Recognition on Autism Awareness


Through adoption of resolution 62/139 by the United Nations General Assembly, World Autism Awareness Day was established on December 18, 2007 to support various autism spectrum disorders. With the aim of increasing understanding, awareness, and acceptance on the matter, the UN member states and organizations spreads the word out to general communities. The month of April is observed as Autism Awareness Month, while the day is observed on April 2 each year.

People with autism suffer permanent brain development disorder that starts manifesting from the early childhood. Almost 1% of global population is estimated to be autistic with approximately 1 out of every 150 child suffering from the disease. Thus, help raise awareness for the cause and contribute for improving the lives of the autistic children. Spread the message at your community with our Custom Banners.


Autistic people find it difficult to socialize and communicate with others with repetitive behaviors that progresses without remission. Bearing cost of treatment for these people with neural development disorder is extremely difficult for the family. Besides, autistic people are more likely to face discrimination, denial, and marginalization at employment, education, and gender-based violence for the stigma that still exists. You can enlighten others so that people with intellectual disabilities do not have to face stereotyping and detachment in the society. Organize seminars at your community and distribute Custom Wristbands to people so that they pledge to treat autistic people with respect and value.


We need to break social barriers associated with autism, so advocates and autism support organizations can come forward to talk about issues regarding hurdles that autistic people face everyday. Spread information on this growing global health issue through rallies and press conferences where you can use our Custom Brochures to inform others of current statistics of the children being affected with autism whose health concerns must be noted.


Raising funds for medical treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders is also important, since having enough funds would help reduce the burden of the families. You can put spotlight by organizing fundraising events and use Custom T-Shirts that people could buy as they contribute for the cause. We need to build, respect and recognition to spread knowledge of adults and kids who are suffering from autism spectrum disorder.


The current estimated data shows there has been 30% increase in the number of autistic children worldwide since 2012. So, create exposure for the event by organizing outreach programs and distribute Custom Buttons that focuses on messages of autism awareness. People can wear them on their outfits to support potential of people with autism disorder.


Autism awareness organizations can work together by setting up campaigns throughout the month of April. Attendees can be provided with Custom Hand Fans that will attract the attention of the media, the local affiliates, and the government. The rights of autistic people can be discussed in details at these events to help improve lives of the individuals impacted by autism. Speakers can focus on day-to-day issues faced by the autistic people.


Focus on welcoming and celebrating the unique talents of the autistic people that deserve recognition at our community. We need to make sure that people with autism spectrum disorder are given the opportunity and encourage for a better life. So, encourage donators and collaborators to get involved in the movement towards appreciation for autism. Invite autistic people especially at these events and give them Custom Tote Bags to honor them for their unique talents and gifts. Organize educational activities for the autistic children and spread the color of light blue in recognition and support of their health condition.


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