Celebrate your Mom for all that she does!

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For honoring Mothers throughout the globe, the Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May commemorating the contributions of motherly figures in our lives. This historical tradition was observed by many ancient cultures celebrating motherhood with sentimental values. In the United States, the official celebration was first held by Anna Reeves Jarvis from West Virginia in 1858 who wanted to raise awareness on cleanliness and sanitary conditions during the Civil War expanding the scope of Mother’s Work Day.

When Anna Reeves Jarvis passed away in 1905, her daughter Anna Jarvis launched her own campaign for creating a national day to honor her mother turning her lifelong dream into reality. In 1908, she requested her church to hold special service in honor of mothers and handed out white carnations to everyone at the congregation. This tradition passed on to many other churches in 46 states within the next year. Anna Jarvis dedicated herself to working on instituting a national day throughout her campaigns that became successful in 1912. The state of West Virginia recognized her efforts and declared an official Mother’s Day that was nationally recognized by President Woodrow Wilson and the U.S. Congress and they passed a resolution for honoring and putting emphasis on the role of women.

Since then, Mother’s Day became popular through both its sentimental and commercial aspects honoring motherhood and all motherly figures. Therefore, use this opportunity to appreciate, honor, and celebrate all the mothers, grandmother, great-grandmothers, foster mothers, and stepmothers! Make sure to give your Mom unique gifts that are distinctive as her personality. Organize family get-together and give everyone Custom Photo Mugs as gifts imprinted with your mom’s photo as you celebrate the day honor of your mother.


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If your Mom loves eating, then take her out on a special and fancy family breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner at her favorite restaurant or café. To commemorate the occasion, you can give your mother the resourceful Custom Tote Bags that she can use for grocery shopping and traveling. Show appreciation to your mother by making an effort to visit her if you live far away and celebrate her contributions and efforts for the whole family.


As everyone has their own way of celebrating Mother’s Day, make yours special with our Custom Stadium Cups that you can use to serve your mom’s favorite signature beverage and dessert recipes. Besides, they will be awesome souvenirs to keep as memories of the day. Make it your soul aim to thank and make your mother feel special in every way! The best thing you can do is simply give your mom the day off as other family members visit to prepare her favorite meals and do her household chores. If you mom owns a garden, then her help redecorate with new containers and flower plants, like the white carnations!


Show affection for your mom with beauty accessories or heartfelt personalized gifts such as Custom Lip Balms. She will appreciate the extra effort you put to make her day memorable! So, make the day complete by preparing favor baskets or bags filling them with timeless gifts such as jewelries, bags, cards, sweet treats and bouquet of flowers.