6 Different Types of Custom Patches

6 Different Types of Custom Patches

Custom patches can be used for any kind of work and on any kind of fabric. It’s a cool way to set you apart from others in terms of clothing customization, and it always adds a kitschy touch to your wardrobe. It’s also functional, serving purpose in any situation from military wear to factory uniforms, to even branded hats and bags!

But did you know that there are differences in the kinds of custom patches out there? In this article, Imprint.com will help you differentiate the types of patches so you’ll know what you need in the future. Get to reading, and pretty soon you’ll be patching up your stuff, too!


1. Name Patches

Name PatchesThis kind of patch is commonly found on work shirts at chain stores and factories, where formal ID cards aren’t necessarily worn all the time. This kind of custom patch is simple, coming in only two different colors. As a result, name patches aren’t expensive and can be ordered in bulk for your workplace. Streamlined, simple, and functional—perfect for the non-fussy workplace!


2. Embroidered Patches

Embroidered PatchesEmbroidered patches are the most popular type of custom patches in the market nowadays. And with good reason—embroidered patches are one of the cheaper yet cool and effective ways to customize your clothing and outerwear. This kind of patch has a twill base, and the design or name will be embroidered on it with thread, giving the design a raised feel.


3. Printed Patches

Printed PatchesPrinted patches have a trickier production process, but this kind of custom patch can be used for literally ANY design. Unlike the embroidered patch, printed patches take a blank twill base and get the design printed directly on them in a dying process called sublimation. This makes the colors totally fuse into the base, hence the flat surface effect. BONUS: Since the design will be printed, sky’s the limit for the colors!


4. Chenille Patches

Chenille PatchesIf you’re looking for custom patches with a different texture, chenille patches are your way to go! Chenille patches, also known as letterman patches, have a fluffier fuzzy surface because of their two layers. The bottom layer is made of felt, and that’s what gives it its softer texture. The only downside to chenille patches is that the designs can’t be too complex, but the patches can be in any shape!


5. Bullion Crests

Bullion CrestsFor more formal affairs, we’d recommend getting bullion crests. Bullion crests are a kind of custom patch that is synonymous to haute couture for patches. The quality is higher, and more materials are incorporated: felt, wire, beads, you name it! It’s also hand-made and stitched with a thicker base, so it’s sturdier than other kinds of custom patches. Bullion crests are used formally: from fraternity outerwear regalia to military uniforms.


6. Woven Patches

Woven PatchesWoven patches are the same as embroidered patches in terms of them still using thread, but what sets woven patches apart is the fact that thinner thread is used to achieve greater detail. It doesn’t have a twill base, so the texture of the custom patch isn’t raised in the end. This kind of custom patch is used to get that photorealistic effect of the designs, since thinner thread give more room to work with!


With Imprint.com, you won’t have to stress about which custom patch to get to fit your needs. We have an assortment of patches and ideas that are sure to go with whatever you need customized—from uniforms, to tote bags, to hats and jackets! We craft our printed goods with care and consideration, at a very affordable price. Don’t be afraid to reach out and have your goods customized at Imprint.com!

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