Top 6 Cool Koozie Life Hacks

Beer koozies are a summer and outdoor staple, keeping bottles of beer cold in the warm sun. But did you know they can also serve us in different ways than just keeping your beverage cold? In this article, we enumerate six life hacks for cool koozies that you never thought would work, but do!

Read on, get inspired, and maybe grab a cold drink—discover tips,  tricks and more you can do at home with a koozie!

1. Use it to keep your gear shifter cooler

Use koozie to keep your gear shifter coolA koozie doesn’t just keep your drink cold outdoors, it can also keep your gear shifter cooler in the summer too! When you’re parked somewhere without shade, there’s a tendency that the inside of your car could get hot as an oven. Keep your stick out of the heat by putting a koozie over it; it’s is built to keep coolness in, and heat out!



2. Keep fruit from bruising in bags

Use koozie to keep fruit from bruising in bagsWe all know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but nothing keeps it from bruising easily when put in a bag for lunch. Not to worry—a koozie can become your surprise ally! Stash your apple (or pear) In a koozie before placing it in with the rest of your stuff in the bag. Say bye-bye to bruising and hello to more delicious fruit!



3. Prevent furniture from scratching your floors

Use koozie to prevent furniture from scratching your floorsIf you’re a stickler for pristine floors, koozies can become your solution for moving furniture around. Stick a koozie on each leg of a table or chair for that easy, markless slide. This works especially well if you’ve got hardwood floors that aren’t scratch-proof. Koozies can prevent skids and scratches and are probably half the price of a scratch filler!



4. Store crack-free light bulbs

use koozie to store crack-free light bulbsIt’s a fact that light bulbs are difficult to store, and their boxes can be quite bulky. Use a koozie to safely stash all your bulbs and avoid broken glass all over the place! With a koozie, you can ensure that your light bulbs are safe and crack-free in your closet. It’s also way easier this way to reach for them and try them out without hassle.



5. Roll up large posters

Use koozie to roll up large postersNeed to roll up a poster but don’t have rubber bands or tape to secure them? Use two koozies! Secure a koozie at each end of the rolled up poster and voila! Problem solved! You won’t have to rummage around for flimsy rubber bands or a roll of tape. Koozies are handy and unexpectedly easy to use in different situations.



6. Safely store DSLR lenses

Use koozie to safely store DSLR lenses

This life hack goes out to the camera lovers! Lenses are fragile things, and they’re also pretty expensive. Keep them stored in a koozie for an extra boost of security! leaving them laying around is dangerous and risky, so a slim can cooler is the best way to keep them safe if you don’t have a bag for them.

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