Customized Embroidery Patches


Create your own patch for work uniforms, sports, academic organizations, and much more.

Creating custom patches is easy when ordered through We help everyone from small and large industries that need these personalized patches. Sturdy items, reliable materials, and leading in customer service in Houston, Texas, our passion is to deliver 100% satisfaction to all clients. Thus, our manufacturing team creates products with an affordable price. We are the best custom patch maker in Houston, Texas. Just call our hotline and let us know what you are looking for.

Material Requirements: Order custom patches that can be installed on to any fabric elements. For example, you may attach your print position in the left chest, right chest, or both left and right chest as necessary. Containing good piping details, classic ribbed look, round neck, scoop neckline, and back, these nylon custom sports bras are practice-perfect essential to provide to your sports team! Designed for fitting your body size, the custom sports apparel can be used to promote your brand at tournaments and sports events.

For Athletes or Cheer/Dance Teams: We carry the best printed sports bra to wear for jogging, exercising, sports, and weightlifting. The easy-to-wear silhouette or ribbed design makes them popular among women athletes who love to exercise. With a higher neckline, stretchy fabric, and wide shoulder band, these custom team sports bras give you the support needed. When it comes to choosing ladies ’ custom sports bras as sports apparel, you need to consider if they will provide you the proper support. This is when you need to choose our high-impact custom team embroidered patch for your bags, jackets, hats, jeans, beanies, uniforms, etc. Design your own embroidered patch with a variety of colors and fonts to perfectly match your logo, brand, or event design. Custom patches are affordable to buy and will not be a vain investment in vain. With readily available raw materials and reliable machines, we can produce many customized custom patches and include more design details. Here at, we offer highly competitive pricing and fast turnaround times as well.

Durability: Custom made patches do not fade quickly and hold up after years of wear. Thus, the illustration stays the same after a long time of use and many washings. This is recommendable on active people wearing uniforms who work in fast-paced environments such as in hotel industries, hospitals, military, firefighting teams, and much more. Make custom patches that work for you!

Many shapes and sizes: Order custom patches online with various designs and detailed illustrations. With this kind of creative freedom, you can customize or personalize at whatever design direction you may prefer. You can also choose from all the different patches, custom backing/installation options, and styles we have to offer. This includes iron-on, sew-on, peel-n-stick, and Velcro. At, you have a lot of options to choose from, so feel free to view our collection at your leisure. We create custom patches for your needs and guarantee quality. No matter what color, shape, or appearance, we are ready to make personalized items for you, in any quantity you may need. This can be installed in other wearables other than office uniforms, such as in jackets, bags, hats, and more.

For Your Business: Custom embroidered patches are often used in offices and other businesses as they effectively represent the brand when it is placed in an employee’s uniform of a particular company. Thus, this practice usually demonstrates that the business is well-established and organized. Custom made patches are usually installed on the left chest area, either pinned or stitched by high-tech machines. It can also be designed on the sides and borders for an excellent outcome. It is ideal to have a patch on every uniform who works in a company. As an example, everyone can represent the brand clearly and professionally while meeting with different suppliers, clients, or customers. Your employees can display your brand anywhere they go. They represent the company when they wear distinctive clothing such as uniforms, bags, or jackets with the embroidered patches installed.

Personalized patches are an excellent advertising tool because anyone can carry it. Many people will see your logo and brand while your employees are working outside or even having a meeting with your clients. Patches are very flexible to apply to for those individuals and businesses who prefer to present their brands anywhere they go. Convey your theme to the public and make it accessible to be seen.

For Schools and Organizations: We offer high-quality embroidered patches. Get printed patches made not just for yourself or office uniforms, but for other groups such as in athlete teams, military units, boys scouts, motorcycle clubs, or school. We still do custom patches online for martial arts and other sports uniforms, fire department protective coats, university jackets, and non-profit organizations' clothes. We are readily available to create the embroidered illustrations you design for any kind of clothing or accessories.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We prioritize the client’s satisfaction. You can get patches made on our website and process your designs. We have in house designers readily available to help you with any artwork help you may need. You can be reassured that our items are made with reliable raw materials! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed on all our sales! Plus, we offer free ground shipping within the continental USA. 

Why Choose Us? We make custom patches with top of the line and high-tech machines but are prepared and consistently supervised by our professional patch makers. Our patches are carefully created to have detailed design outputs, from the most abstract style and color to the most illustrative results. We identify your demands and recommend the finest products for you. We create custom patches, and we also present the best design suggestions. Our experience in the industry pushes us to create the best possible custom patches. However, we excel at not only making personalized patches but also in achieving satisfaction and providing customer-centered services for our new and loyal clients.