Custom Incentives for a Smooth Office Transition

Get ready to put your custom work gear on! 

For many, returning to a pre-pandemic routine may be a pleasant change after working from home for so long. However, while returning to that schedule may appear simple, it might present some unexpected obstacles. Returning to work will be difficult, but we can do a few things to reduce our stress, demotivation, and worry. Rewarded employees are more likely to be engaged and driven. You can only attract diligent people and keep your staff satisfied if you see the need and act on it. Employee incentives don’t have to be limited to pay rises and promotions; go beyond the box to genuinely motivate your team. All across the world today, businesses are dealing with how to prepare, communicate, and transfer hundreds to thousands of employees back into the workplace. Here are some pointers to help you get back to normal as smoothly as possible!

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Employees have been working remotely from home for more than a year or so. It’s only casual for them to desire a safe and pleasurable work environment that is also kind and welcoming. As far as it comes to the businesses, employers are rooting to make sure the brand is booming on the ground! What better way to surprise your employees than by giving their workspaces a makeover? Adding a little personal touch of welcome back wishes with our custom mousepads might be the missing puzzle piece! Let’s not stop there: a snarky text imprinted on the mouse pad with the phrase “stressing like a boss” is a hilarious welcome back tactic! Okay, so what if we tell you it doesn’t end here?

ID Badge Reel Full Color Lanyards With Badge Holder – SKU#IDR_FCL

You can now make sure each employee’s lanyards are customized according to their preferences to make it even better! Our custom lanyards are available in various vibrant hues, so needless to say, we already did make sure none of your employees feel left out in any way! You can get phrases like “teamwork makes the dream work” – printed on the lanyards and watch the motivational juices run thoroughly in all your employees. Every time they put on their personalized lanyards, they will feel a sense of belonging that instantly boosts team spirit. All these items are long-lasting, so you need not worry about breaking your pockets any time sooner!

We only take our drinks in style! 

The office already looks welcoming enough with all the bright additions you made. But let’s keep our creative juices flowing till the very end. Now, working from the comfort of our homes sure did change our work morals a lot. So, coming back to a whole corporate workspace again can take time to re-adjust. No business can ever promise to reshape the working environment into the comfort of your bedroom.

However, bringing back parts and bits of your home to the office is an idea we highly motivate! Now, here’s where we introduce you to our Custom Printed Fluorescent Neon Tumblers! Our tumblers will help your employees add their personal touch in their small working stations. You can purchase our tumblers in bulk and have them imprinted with your company logo, as well as the name of the employee who will be using them. What better way than to get custom tumblers as a welcome gift on their first day back at work?

Since it is time to get the working stations running, why not just get them in style! Well, what’s better than one? Two, of course! Let our premium foam collapsible coffee wraps make it extra convenient for your now returning employees! It’s not only the bright colors that it comes in, but you can also add anything and everything you can think of to make it extra appealing. For small gift items for potential visitors or other executives, these coffee wraps work delightfully as well. Do not forget to do yourself a favor and get your brand logo imprinted on all these personalized items! Not only are you welcoming your employees and customers with the most thoughtful presents, but you’re also getting your brand in walking miniature billboards!

More smiling, less worrying! 

Regardless of working from home the past year, returning to the office will still give the employees first day jitters. Going back to work physically as if nothing has changed after a worldwide epidemic that has effectively shut down our planet may be an extremely stressful move. The stress that comes within the workload pressure is the main reason why employees stay demotivated to date. Let us help brush the tension off their shoulders with our custom silicone fidget toys. Now, stressing in the workplace is something inevitable. Our custom fidget toys will help your employees release the tension every time they feel like it’s too overwhelming. A single boost of a good vibe and distressed mindset naturally brightens up the entire workstation aura. Get ready to gear up and re-start the office adventures with a powerful spirit in no time!

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