Creating excellent promotional opportunities at business, commemorative, and social events, our Custom Mouse Pads display your brand and organization details. With your company name, logo, motto, contact information, and photographs in detail with crisp printing, our personalized pads can compliment your brand’s color schemes. Our custom size mouse pads have tighter nits and softer textures that let you print high quality photos on them. We have a selection of both custom large and small mouse pads you can order for business meetings, conferences, trade shows, educational seminars, and school campaigns in whatever quantity you require.. They are something to include at giveaway goodie bags for prospective customers and business associates to remind them of your brand. Our full color printing process allows good replication and clarity of the design, text, image and background color. So, warm up your work stations with our one-of-a-kind comfortable rubber pads!

Our personalized mouse pads are also great gifts for family or friends. Customize the mouse pad by adding your own special photo of yourself with that family member or friend. Trust us, they'll love it. Another great custom option is to add a photo design of a pet on the pad; after all, who doesn't love looking at their favorite furry friend while they work!

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