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There is no doubt that our lives revolve around computers. For office work, for gaming, to watch stuff on various streaming sites, talk with friends and family across the country or in the city – people need computers to fulfill whichever purpose they might have. Among the whole PC setup, the most interacted parts for input are the keyboard and the mouse. The mouse is the most used as people need it to navigate around and operate their tasks. However, it is hard to use a mouse if your desktop does not have an optimum surface. That is why people use mousepads to aid them in using the mouse quickly. If you need one, you can make your own mousepad from our website or get one from our custom mousepad collection.

Popular Uses: If you are someone who has been an avid gamer from childhood to now, you would have spent most of your time in front of your PC playing games. When you were a kid, you had to use your parents' PC to play games and not opt for a better setup. However, you can fulfill your dream of having the best PC setup for gaming now that you have the means to do it. After getting the best monitor, the best CPU, the best keyboard, the best speakers and headphones, and the best mouse, you will need to get the best mouse pad. Our website is fit to make custom gaming mouse pads however you want to design them. If you have gamer friends, you can gift them a gaming mouse pad on their birthdays, and they will love it!

If you are not into gaming, you might be someone who enjoys movies, TV shows, and anime. In that case, if a film of your favorite star releases, you are always the first one to watch it. If a new episode of your favorite show or anime series is out, you are quick to jump on the streaming site as soon as possible. You also indulge yourself in buying new merchandise whenever you lay your eyes on them. If you want merch that can be helpful, you can get personalized mouse pads with your favorite character's photo. Our photo mousepads are also perfect for anniversaries and birthdays. You could also gift these picture mousepads to your other movie/show fan friends.

Senior employees have given their time and effort to meet deadlines, get projects ready & overseeing their teams for years. Their workplace is like a second home to them as they also need to work overtime on various strenuous occasions. Recruits working in a new workplace can be a bit stressful. They need to be at ease, which you can do by interacting with existing employees, wearing company attire, and being in a cooperative environment. There is one thing that rewards existing employees and helps new employees: company swag. Company swags help keep the morale of existing employees high and make the new ones feel at home. Apart from office apparel, drinkware and stationery, custom mousepads also make for excellent company swag as it aids in employees' office work.

Design mouse pads to be used as miniature billboards in conferences and tradeshows. These big-scale events always need sponsors and tons of promotions to attract a large number of people. While banners and flags do an excellent job of promoting the event and sponsor brands, you can use new marketing tools to do advertisements. Custom mousepads can help boost the brand if they are handed out as promotional products during the event.

Design Suggestions: Being gamers, you and your friends should have favorite games or favorite game characters. You could upload a photo of the game or the character printed as the mouse pad's design. Since gaming requires some space to move the mouse around, you should order custom mouse pads large.

For movies, TV series, and anime, there are always some characters that are fan favorites. Your list of choices may have them, or you might like a character you think is underrated. Upload a high-resolution photo of them to be printed on your mouse pad to add to your merch collection and to use when you're on your PC as well.

As for making custom mousepads for company swag, our full-color calendar mouse pads will be ideal. Employees can fix schedules just by looking at the mousepads without having to scramble around for a calendar.To make promotional mouse pads, you can use calendar ones or design an original artwork incorporating the brand's name and logo.

Product Materials: Our custom mouse pads are available in a small rectangle, large rectangles, and round shapes. They are made of neoprene, and the customizations are done through the full-color process and digital printing methods.