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Time to get our working hats on! 

Businesses everywhere are welcoming back employees. Some of your newer employees can be walking into the office for the first time. Some staff will be visiting the office for the first time after being employed. They have been working remotely for months and are not yet familiar with your work environment. Even though your employees are eager to return, they deserve recognition for the challenges they have endured. Promotional goodies and favors will radiate a sense of appreciation right away! The following custom office suplies will be a hit!

Improving overall company outlook can help retain employees and customers. Let us talk about some potential custom goodies that we offer to help elevate your working environment with welcome back gifts for employees & customers.

It’s time for a makeover!


After over a year of working from home, the old casual desk setup might not be old. Worry not, because we have the perfect addition beside the desktops to make a huge impact. Switch up the traditional boring mousepads with custom neon mousepads! That’s right; Neon is the new hot feature product you can use to elevate your employee desktops. Your employees will love the ample space that our custom mousepads provide to maneuver their mouse. The fact that you barely ever have to replace a custom mousepad is the number one reason why they’re so amazing. Personalized neon mousepads last a very long time. Employees will use the custom mousepads even when they change desks and purchase new computers.


The awesomeness does not end there! We happen to have the perfect addition to your collection. Provide your employees with the energy boost they deserve by serving coffee using unique custom neon mugs! These personalized neon mugs, imprinted with your company logos and individual employee names, scream double trouble in a good way! However, don’t you forget about your customers! 

Personalized neon mugs imprinted with your business logos and artworks can have a long-lasting impression on your clients if you aim to boost the business. Nothing says thank you quite as well as our custom branded neon mugs that will last for years!


In addition to the above custom goodies mentioned, we have another promotional addition for your business to return with a bang! Our custom pens are one of the most cost-effective promotional items that a company can provide to its potential customers and employees. A high-quality, branded pen with your logo serves as an elegant introduction to your company for your consumers. Custom pens are a great promotional tool for your business. It not only works as a practical gift, but it also ensures that clients are reminded of your business each time they use the custom pen. A brilliant passive marketing tool within the corporate world. Not only a subtle item for clients and our branded high-quality pens to use around the office for staff also create a professional and connected office environment.

Safety comes first!

Throughout any given workday, employees use their hands to write up reports, shake hands with a new client, open doors, and much more. All of these activities expose hands to hazardous germs and bacteria. Practicing hygiene and taking safety measures in the workplace are highly essential. While handwashing with soap and water is the most effective technique to ensure that hands are adequately cleansed and germ-free, it isn’t always possible. There are two simple solutions: custom hand sanitizer dispenser and custom hand sanitizer wipes.


Making hand sanitizer dispensers easily accessible and visible is the most effective way to remind employees to use them. Our custom automatic soap dispensers dispense gel soap or spray liquid soap on your hands when you run them below the sensors. It makes it the ideal product to use in every conference room, general hall, bathrooms, public area, and entry and exits.


Custom hand sanitizer wipes are also the ideal tool to use for extra safety and protection. The custom wipes printed with your  logos can be an effective marketing tool while keeping employees and customers healthy. Keep them available on tables, conference rooms, and bathrooms to remind everyone to maintain hygiene and help keep everyone inside the office premises safe and healthy!

Keep in mind that the return back to the office is a transition. There is a lot to get used to after a year of working from home. Get custom promotional goodies ready to be delivered at your doorstep!



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  1. Custom coffee sleeves offer an unconventional medium for growing the awareness of your brand. On the sleeves, the publisher prints your special message together with the logo of your business.

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