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Do you have a car key loaded with keychains? You might have a souvenir of your vacation to Paris or an easy to access small flashlight. A custom keychain gives a personal touch to anyone’s daily commute or strolls through the front door, regardless of style. Custom keychains come in any shape imaginable! When choosing a keychain, consider who you are and what you want to represent. The possibilities are endless, so if you need a custom keychain in the shape of your car, favorite superhero, or favorite snack, we can make it all happen! What are the many types? Why do we care so much about them? It’s time to get some ideas for your next gift or promotional custom keychain item!

Embroidered Key chains 

Stop worrying about losing your luggage and bags when boarding a flight using embroidered key chains. These key chains also work as great safety tags on the bags. You can personalize these key chains with your brand logos, advertising taglines, and promotions on both the front and back. Airlines might use embroidered key tags or keychains as an identifier to distinguish specific bags and travel luggage from regular luggage. These embroidered keychains are a stylish approach for your pilots, air hostesses, teams, and VIP travelers to remind them of your brand name wherever they go!

Soft Plastic Keychains

The most valuable promotional products are ones that you can frequently use and that your prospect or client can readily carry. Our soft plastic keychains are perfect for the job. Custom keychains are a need in today’s modern society, from locking and unlocking house doors to opening and closing car doors. Now, here’s a big surprise, to make things much smoother for you, we have four whole types of soft plastic keychains that you can personalize with your names, business logos, favorite quotes, quite literally anything!

Circle Soft Plastic Keychain

Starting with our circle soft plastic keychains – the perfect goodies to hand out during social gatherings, family events, and office parties. These keychains work as a great small token of love for all your loved ones to cherish for a long time. The keychains made of soft plastic are lightweight and easy to carry in wallets and purses, so send attendees and guests home delighted!

Oval Soft Plastic Keychain

Our oval soft plastic keychains are laser engraved in full color, thus provide cost-effective promotional options for your brand at tradeshows, meetings, conferences, sports, charities, and awareness activities. Furthermore, they will help indirect brand exposure for your company whenever someone uses them!

Now, the best type of advertisement is the one where you hand out your brand in the hands of your potential customers. Take your promotional efforts to the next level this year by handing out our custom rectangle soft plastic keychains to show your attendees how much you value their presence at your event. Highlight your brand image, name, or logos and give them out to influential business clients and event attendees. When customers use these keychains to carry house keys, car keys, or any other keys, in general, your brand’s name instantly spreads as it remains at the forefront of their minds!

Last but surely not least, our Number One Soft Plastic Keychains are great for promotional distribution and will leave a lasting impression on your event attendees, clients, and customers. When you reach number one, whether through winning an award or having the best sales in your business, you want to tell everyone. And when you give away a promotional item, you’ll want it to be something that will be used daily and for years to come. A keychain with an ornament in the shape of a large number one is just the ideal goodie!

Dog Tags 

Let us shift the article to the funkier side with our custom dog tags – made of anodized aluminum material and available in some of the most exciting colors! If you want to explore the more creative side of customizable key chains, getting dog tags engraved with names or logos is an exciting initiative you can take. These dog tags are unique from the traditional military dog tags and are usable as beautiful pendants or key rings!

Now that you have secured your keys with all the stylish different keychain accessories, what about your furry friends? Don’t worry; we have got you covered for them as well! Our silicone dog tags are the perfect accessory for your four-pawed best friend to enjoy at all times. Personalize them with artworks and custom texts of your own choice, and doll your furry friend up with these stylish tags!

Carabiner Keychains 

With our puppies all stylishly geared up, let’s keep our purses or gadgets accessorized as well! Our custom carabiner keychains are ideal for handouts at trade shows, teams, groups, or clubs. For a terrific promotional item, personalize these carabiners with a logo, text, or brand. These carabiner keychains are perfect if you are someone who likes to keep your keys jingling around with a whole bunch of different types of keychains. Get them to keep a grip of all your favorite chains and the dangling key itself as well! 

Our custom wide carabiners are also great for everyday uses, such as camera straps, shoulder chains, and keychains! We manufacture the keyhains with durable metal. And we customize the keychains via laser engraving. The keychains are available in a range of colors and are long-lasting items. You can enjoy or even give away as promotional goodies! Carabiners allow for easy access to keys that you need to remove and reattach constantly.

Pet Tags 

Pet tags provide a possibly lifesaving service in addition to aesthetic appeal and creating a fashion statement. No one likes to think of their animal going missing. But if that happens, a detailed pet tag can help you find your lost buddy. It is absolutely why our custom pet tags are exactly what your furry family members need! Our pet tags are made of high-quality aluminum and allow you to print all your contact information and customized messages for the finder on both sides.

Luggage Tags 

If you love traveling and fly at least twice or thrice a month, then you surely need our custom luggage tags to help secure all your personal belongings with style! Personalize with any of your favorite artwork and make sure your luggage is distinctively marked while you travel. Start picking your desired color, engrave it with your favorite saying, get packed, and get ready to fly! These are also perfect for adding to your bachelorette goodie bags for those traveling elsewhere for the event.

Bottle Openers

Our personalized bottle opener keychains, imprinted with your logo and message, are high-visibility gift items that are perfect for any occasion. Bottle openers are undoubtedly the most needed item in any partygoer’s pocket. Your guests will never forget to bring their bottle openers/keys to the party!

What adds more excitement for your partygoers is our shaped bottle openers. Give them to family, friends, coworkers, and customers so they can instantly uncap cans and bottles. They come in various shapes, including flamingos, crocodiles, birds, guitars, and lizards, and will make great sentimental gifts for anyone! The lightweight bottle opener keychains will fit effortlessly in your pockets, handbags, and wallets.

The details on  customizable keychains play a role in occasions. Whether it’s your home team winning the division or your company making a big splash at a trade fair. With the perfect keychain, you can always convey your narrative, regardless of why you need it!

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