Many consider Dr. King as a great orator, a civil rights icon, and a symbol of “progress” in America. His legacy is far more compelling and revolutionary than we have come to realize. The Civil Rights Movement is a well-known element of American history. The legendary I Have a Dream speech is often exploited as a literary technique to highlight our country’s social development, without noting that Dr. King’s dreams have yet to be achieved. People frequently cherry-pick quotes from this speech to fit narratives that favor other agendas.

We must recall his more somber sentiments as we continue to remember and apply his words to our goal. As we’ve witnessed throughout history, and most recently with the blatantly unjust treatment of Black and other people of color—and the impunity that often follows—the revolution is far from over. However, as thriving citizens of America, we have succeeded in establishing a federal holiday in King’s birth month, and we may continue to prosper in realizing his ideal. Organizing small volunteer groups, marching around neighborhoods, and allowing them to engage with people from all walks of life is a powerful method to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

Remember Him Through?

You can start paying tributes from walls of your own homes. A custom yard sign beautifully placed on your front yard will surround your home with nothing but a respectful aura. The banners are available in various sizes to best fit your needs for the federal holiday. To keep it simple yet authentic, you can imprint parts of the King’s speeches on these personalized banners. Keep your creative juices flowing with your skills to produce beautiful and meaningful artwork based on King’s dream. To express your respect for Martin Luther King Jr., hang the personalized banners outside your home or even your office spaces.

Even as eloquent as King was, he could never hide the anguish in his voice during his steady and resolute toil for justice. Dr. King did not become a great man via constant struggle. We suppose he had other aims and dreams, but we believe he was a great man because he saw the major injustice in this country and felt compelled to fight it.

An element as simple as matching attire can accomplish wonders in keeping our nation together and powerful. You can design and distribute custom hoodies to the volunteers marching their hearts out in the cold! But first and foremost, you must suitably personalize these t-shirts and hoodies for the federal holiday. Because your party will be traveling from one location to another, it’s best to keep customization to a minimum. Others will be able to see them easily this way. Matching colors and infamous MLK quotes will raise awareness and unity among marchers and passers-by!

You can also hand them small tokens of appreciation after the volunteers’ march. With the help of custom can coolers, you can achieve that the easiest. The coolers won’t only be the perfect keepsake but will also help them reminisce the respect and remembrance they have paid to Dr. King himself. You can also arrange stalls, selling custom full-color mugs for the passers-by. The money generated from the revenue can go directly to NGOs and volunteers working all year long to turn the King’s dreams into reality.

What He Taught Us

“Human development is not automatic nor inevitable,” Dr. King observed, “every stride toward the objective of justice necessitates sacrifice, hardship, and struggle; the persistent efforts and impassioned concern of dedicated individuals.” We all must play for our posterity in a country still grappling with its past aggressions and making atonement. Racism to environmental injustices and health inequities, 21st-century policing and poverty eradication, and so on.

We must all struggle—for each other, with each other, and against all adversaries of progress—to honor Dr. King’s legacy and the immense achievements he made to this country.

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