There’s nothing quite like sipping your favorite winter beverage. Hot cocoa beside a toasty fireplace, surrounded by family and friends, in your jammies. What is the one thing you need for all three, whether you prefer hot chocolate, eggnog, or coffee? Of course, a cup! Most of us drink more hot beverages during the holidays than the rest of the year. Even if you don’t drink coffee, it’s difficult to resist the urge to make a cup of hot chocolate with your favorite toppings to celebrate the holidays.

Whatever you want to put in your cup, we have the right mug for you. The good news is that all of our custom full-color photo and printing mug styles are customizable with your design, pictures, and logos! There’s no need to look all over for a good-looking, high-quality mug when you can have one manufactured to your specifications. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled reasons why our custom mugs are ideal for holiday greetings!


Nothing beats a unique custom photo mug for a warm mug of hot chocolate, a scorching hot cup of coffee, or a calming pot of tea. You can give a Christmas photo mug with Christmas themes or personal family photos as a gift, wishing folks a Merry Christmas during this joyous season. A personalized photo mug is a one-of-a-kind present, creating a lasting impact. Serve a delightful cup of hot chocolate or an energizing mug of coffee in one of the loveliest holiday photo mugs for the perfect personalized match for all those vacation delicacies. A photo coffee mug is also a terrific gift for a new grandparent, and a custom mug with the word “Grandma” engraved on it is sure to make a cherished matriarch smile!

Of course, it does not end there. It’s almost time to out with the old and in with the new! Celebrate the New Year with a photo mug for New Year’s Eve hostesses. Ring in the New Year with your closest relatives and friends with inspirational New Year’s quotes and custom photo mugs that will get them off to a good start in January. Send a personalized photo mug to ensure that the celebration is as memorable as possible, even for family and friends who live far away. They will keep on appreciating a gift as thoughtful as yours throughout the entire new year!


A custom printed mug can be created for any occasion from a business meeting to your baby’s birthday and, let’s not forget – the Holiday season! Thus, they can serve as subtle and original giveaways, souvenirs, gifts, etc. And, of course, you may even gift one yourself with an imprint of your own choice! If you want to order a photo print and don’t know what exact photo to choose, you can even order a mug containing the collage of your photos. And this automatically makes them the perfect Holiday gift to add to the season’s blessings! A lovely printed custom mug can serve as a unique accent for your office or house. Even if it does not serve its intended purpose and simply sits on a table or shelf, it still provides a warm personal touch to the decor!

Mugs with custom printed designs work as memorable gifts. They can be presented to anyone from your mother to colleague this Holiday season. Printing a photo or multiple photos on the cup is an even better idea. For instance, if you’re giving your sister a Christmas present, you may utilize numerous images of you and her shot over the years. Our custom printed mugs work as the perfect souvenirs for the whole family during the chilly holiday season as well. If your family only gets together for the holidays on rare occasions, you can print a family portrait on mugs and give them to everyone. As a result, every time they drink from that mug, they’ll remember their reunion!

Be it Christmas or a New Year’s event – it’s a great idea to gift a personalized photo mug to your loved ones this Holiday season. When you add personalization, a simple mug as a gift becomes extraordinary!

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