New Product Spotlight – Custom Photo Coasters

Here’s why you should get photo coasters!

Nothing is as tragic as a water ring mark on your brand-new wooden table. Not only do coasters serve as saviors of flat surfaces, but they also are great marketing devices! If you want to promote your business brand at the next promotional event, you could give customized coasters to potential business clients! On another note, if you’re planning your wedding, coasters could be a fun way to let guests know where they are seated! You could customize the coasters with your guests’ photos and initials so that they have no trouble finding their place to sit! 

One day you could get blessed with a new family member, and you would like to spread the news! Instead of informing your close friends and family by texting them, you could send them photos of your little bundle of joy in the form of coasters! If you plan on making a nice dinner for your anniversary with your significant other, you will need to get some heartwarming gifts. While you pour them a glass of red, you could slip in a coaster that shows one of your favorite photos together on it; your partner would love it.

And here’s why you should get OUR photo coasters!

Along with a vast collection of drinkware, our website has various coasters. From blank coasters to customized silicone ones, we have coasters in multiple shapes and sizes. Now, there are two new additions to our coasters collection that you would love to invest in! We manufacture the 3.75 Inch Round Cork Back Photo Coasters from glossy finished hardboard with cork. These coasters are available as only customizable products. You can upload high-resolution images of your newborn baby, significant other, adorable pet, etc., to get printed on the coasters. We also have hundreds of pre-designed templates if you find designing. You can go through each of the categories of templates and pick the one that best suits your theme! We will use sublimation and full imprint colors to bring your photos to life on these coasters!

If you want a different shape of the same product, we also have 3.75 Inch Square Cork Back Photo Coasters! You can choose either the round or square coaster based on your needs. With our photo coasters, you can add the final touch to your wedding preparations or level up your promotional strategies! Because of our photo coasters, your surfaces will stay safe from stubborn water rings at late-night parties. Go the extra mile and get the coasters personalized with your guests’ photos to turn them into special party favors! Make them remember how much fun they had at your party! Without further adieu, place your order for custom photo coasters today!

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