Mugs are a staple piece of drinkware!

Every household has at least one set of high-end or expensive drinking glasses. This drinkware is only brought out for special occasions, as they tend to be delicate to handle. Usually, these glasses would be appropriate for a nice dinner night in with significant people, but never for a casual party consisting of friends and bottomless drinks. If you want a good, fun night with your friends, you should not worry about breaking your drinkware. For parties like these, it is best to go with disposable paper cups, stadium cups, or shot glasses. In cafés and restaurants, you get your hot or cold beverages served in tumblers or foam cups.

The businesses promote their brand through these drinkware options as some people order their drinks to go. Customized branded tumblers or foam cups work as mobile advertising devices for the café or restaurant. But if we have to pick a drinkware item commonly used in every kind of setting, it has to be a mug! Mugs are perfect for sipping tea or coffee, but you can also try several mug recipes! Mugs are great as presents, especially if they are customized! You can bring a smile to your significant other’s face by presenting them with a custom mug that has a cute message for them. Give your boss a personalized World’s Best Boss mug! You could even start a small customization business by investing in blank mugs and personalizing them yourself!

We are introducing campfire mugs!

Who does not enjoy a hot mug of tea or coffee right after waking up? It is almost like a ritual to most working adults to help them survive throughout the day. If work gets too much, another few cups do wonders. So, if you have a mug to take to the office, you can enjoy your tea or coffee without stress! In the past few years, many mug recipes have come out, and they look so good that you cannot help but try them yourself! On a different note, nothing beats the feeling of sipping some hot chocolate on a starry night while sitting in front of a campfire. Our new 16 Oz Custom Campfire Metal Mugs can elevate these experiences for you!

Available in four different product colors, you can order the mugs as customized or blank products. The mugs are manufactured from steel with a porcelain enamel finish, which makes their exterior smooth and glossy. Since the material is extremely heat resistant, it makes the mugs quite ideal to use in the microwave or a campfire setting! You do not have to worry about dropping and breaking the mugs as they are sturdy and durable. If you are not big into mugs, you can customize these for your friends who would love to get these. You could buy the mugs as blank products and customize them yourself if you are into DIY customization. You can use acrylic enamel paint and personalize these mugs to start your custom mug business!

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