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Sticking to the theme is good enough!

As we all know, leprechauns, shamrocks, luck, and the color green are associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re going to arrange a parade or join one, you will need some custom apparel along with some accessories. If you plan to go on a pub crawl with your pals, you can get our personalized tees and wristbands for everyone to wear as a squad! Bar owners, listen up; We have some excellent custom drinkware items you need for St. Patrick’s Day!

Dress for the occasion!

You might not be Irish, but you must wear green on St. Paddy’s Day. Wearing something green on St. Patrick’s Day is mandatory at this point. In our collection of custom shirts, you can choose short-sleeve tees, long-sleeve tees, tank tops, or any clothing item you prefer. Our “Let’s Get Ready To Stumble!” design is perfect for arranging a parade or a pub crawl with your friends! This design is excellent on tees, tank tops, hoodies, and more! Whether you’re marching about town or drinking all day at pubs, you need a bit of luck. 

Add A Game to Your Event

Custom wristbands are an excellent idea for a game at your party or bar. Buy bulk custom bands with one message, “St Paddy’s Day at [Insert Bar Name or Your Household Name], and purchase a few custom wristbands with the message, “Lucky One,” that people will need to dig for a prize—your version of the needle in a haystack. All players get to keep the wristbands they pick!

Drink like the Irish!

Bar will be booming, and it will be a long day! Let’s add more fun to it all. Bulk order our custom shot glasses that now come with a jolly design! Many people will be downing shots throughout the day to get good and drunk to let the shenanigans begin, and this new design exudes that vibe exactly! Customize the shot glass with your logo for the giveaways. You can then sell a specialty shot that includes the shot glass for the customers to take home. 

Some people might want to try Guinness for the first time because of the occasion. If anyone orders a bottle, you could open it with a custom bottle opener and give away one free bottle opener for every 5-10 beers a customer buys! New St. Patrick’s Day pre-designed templates are available for the bottle openers!

No one likes a warm alcoholic beverage, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. Show your customers that you know their drink requirements by serving them beer with custom pint glass sleeves with each pint. The glass sleeves are now available in a bright green product color, along with the funky text “Shake Your Shamrocks!” Your customers can take these sleeves home to remember St. Patrick’s Day with reminiscent joy!

Get lucky and drink the day away!

Apart from the historical significance, St. Patrick’s Day is about having fun. It’s an excellent day for bars, pubs, and alcohol companies to promote their bars and brands with custom giveaways. 

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