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The lanyard is immensely popular and yet often underappreciated, and it’s easy to see why. For most people, the lanyard’s usefulness doesn’t go beyond that work conference in New York or the comic book expo in Vegas. Lanyards, though, are much more than that. They are a useful accessory that can carry and display a wide variety of items.


What items, you might wonder? What can you wear on a lanyard beyond the typical card? The answer is so, so many things. Lanyards can be an insanely versatile accessory if you mean them to be. Often, and sometimes with the aid of lanyard accessories, most lanyards can carry various items – from car keys to lip balm and whistles, you name it. A simple cow hitch knot around a belt loop and the lanyard becomes the most secure keyholder you could ask for. And if it’s your personal style, with the right twist the same lanyard can become an ankle bracelet!


Did we mention that they are versatile?


Here are some items that you might find the need to wear a lanyard for.


ID Badges

This is one of the most common uses for a lanyard, especially in work or school settings. Lanyards allow you to display your identification card for easy access and visibility. They are designed to be comfortable, convenient and easily adjustable, making them an ideal accessory for carrying ID badges in various settings.


This is especially useful in situations where frequent presentation of your ID is required, such as passing through security checkpoints or swiping access cards at various entry points. Lanyards keep the ID badge prominently displayed around the wearer’s neck, making it easily visible to security personnel, colleagues or anyone who needs to verify the wearer’s identity.



Lanyards are great for carrying keys as well. This is because their practical and convenient nature make it easy to keep your keys accessible and safe. You can hang your key-bearing lanyard around your neck, hang it from your rear pocket, even attach them to a shoulder bag, or belt loops. It works every way!


Keys on a lanyard are easily visible and identifiable, which can be helpful if you have multiple keys for different purposes or locations. A custom or branded lanyard with different colors or labels can also help you distinguish between different sets of keys. Additionally, the design of lanyards allow you to keep your keys attached to your clothing, providing a hands-free option for carrying them. This is particularly useful when you need to frequently access your keys, such as when entering and exiting buildings or unlocking various doors.


Whistles on a Lanyard

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Lanyards are also often used by coaches, lifeguards and referees to keep whistles handy and easily accessible. Lanyards do a great job of keeping the whistle within reach at all times. This is particularly important in situations where quick access to the whistle is necessary, such as in coaching or refereeing, as earlier mentioned, or in emergencies as well.


USB Drives

Lanyards are convenient for carrying USB flash drives! They make it easy to transport and access important files on the go. USB drives are typically small and lightweight, making them easy to wear on a lanyard around your neck or attached to your clothing. This allows you to carry your digital files with you without the need for additional bags or pockets.


Cell Phone

Some lanyards are designed to hold cell phones or have a detachable phone holder, allowing you to keep your phone close and hands-free. This use of lanyards is particularly popular among people who need to have quick access to their phones, hands-free functionality, or who engage in activities where carrying a phone in a bag or pocket might not be practical.


This is a feature of lanyards that is popular among fitness enthusiasts. They often might need to wear their phones on lanyards during workouts, which allows them ease of access to use fitness apps, listen to music or track their activity without needing to carry the phone in their hands.


Name Tags

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Wearing name tags on lanyards is a common practice in workplaces, conferences and educational institutions. Lanyards are commonly used in such places to display name tags or badges. Name tags on lanyards indeed offer several benefits, making them a popular choice for easy identification and communication in typically packed places.


Name-tag lanyards are especially good for facilitating networking at big events. In conferences and seminars, for example, wearing name tags on lanyards helps attendees quickly learn each other’s names, promoting better communication and networking opportunities. Name tags displayed in this way can create a more welcoming and approachable atmosphere, as they encourage people to break the ice and address each other by their names.


Keycards and Access Cards on a Lanyard

If you have a keycard or access card for your workplace, a lanyard can keep it secure and easily accessible. This allows for quick and convenient access to work and secure areas without the need to search through pockets or bags. It provides a hands-free option for entering buildings or rooms with controlled access.


This is a handy attribute for security and identification purposes as well. Keycards often contain unique information that identifies the cardholder such as their name, employee ID or photo. With the keycard on a lanyard, security personnel or other authorized individuals can easily verify the cardholder’s identity.


Why is a Lanyard Important Anyway?

It should be clear at this point that there is more than what meets the eyes when it comes to lanyards. These little accessories, versatile as they as practical, provide a hands-free way to carry essential items like ID badges, keys and USB drives. They also promote easy identification, access management and so much more. Lanyards are multi-taskers in this way!


Overall, lanyards are essential accessories that offer practicality, security and convenience in various personal, professional and event-related scenarios. See? More to them than meets the eye.


And if you’re thinking of where to begin with your search for custom lanyards, perhaps you’re looking to try out all your cool lanyard ideas, check out the Imprint page. You won’t be disappointed!

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