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High schoolers, like people of all ages, wear lanyards and for a great many reasons too. Lanyards are as versatile and practical as they are popular. And so it makes sense that students of this school age will find different needs for them.

Here are some of the more common reasons why high school students might wear lanyards.

ID Badges on Lanyards

High schoolers often need to have their ID badges displayed prominently and school lanyards are a convenient way to go about this. ID badges in high schools indeed serve many purposes. They help ensure security by helping school staff to easily identify students and distinguish them from unauthorized individuals. These badges may also grant access to specific areas within the school, such as libraries or classrooms. This is what makes it crucial for students to have them readily available at all times.

Additionally, ID badges can be used for attendance tracking, checking out library books and other activities. By students wearing lanyards with their ID attached, they can ensure it is accessible to them at all times. This greatly reduces the chances of forgetting or losing them.

Key Lanyards

ID badges are not all the lanyard is good for holding. Keys are just as important in a high schooler’s life and the lanyard is perfect for them. Be they car keys, house keys or locker keys, lanyards provide a convenient way for students to carry their keys securely. That and keeping them easily accessible throughout the school day.


Lanyards can also be a versatile, fun canvas for self-expression. Students often use lanyards as a means to showcase their unique interests, hobbies and affiliations. They decorate their lanyards with a wide array of charms, keychains and other such decorative elements. In this instance, the lanyard becomes a customized accessory that reflects the owner’s personality and passions.

Whether it’s displaying their favorite team’s color’s or highlighting a cause they’re passionate about, custom lanyards help the student stand out and connect with others who share similar interests. They can, in this sense, serve as conversation starters. This goes a long way to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the students.

Fashion and Style

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Fashion and style play a significant role in why high schoolers choose to wear lanyards. Lanyards have evolved beyond their utilitarian function and are now regarded as trendy accessories. High school students often select lanyards that complement their outfits or showcase their unique sense of style. With a wide variety of colors and patterns available, students can make a fashion statement by coordinating their lanyards with their clothing.

Lanyards offer a practical way for high schoolers to express their individuality through accessories. They can opt for a lanyard that reflects their personal preferences, from sports team logos to popular brands or pop culture icons. This fusion of functionality and fashion allows students to stand out and project their personality in a subtle yet stylish manner.


Lanyards are hands-free, which can be especially useful in a school setting. Students can keep their hands free for other tasks while still having their essential items, such as IDs or keys, easily accessible at all times. By wearing a lanyard, students can keep these items readily accessible without the need to rummage through bags or pockets, especially in the fast-paced and often crowded environment of a high school.

The convenience of lanyards extends beyond practicality. It in fact contributes to efficiency in various aspects of a student’s day, from swiping into school buildings to quickly identifying themselves when needed. It allows them to concentrate on their studies and activities rather than worrying about misplacing or fumbling for essential items.

Safety and Security

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As highlighted earlier, lanyards provide a visible and consistent way to display ID badges, which are essential to quickly identify students and staff within the school premises. This visibility enhances security by making it easier for school personnel to recognize individuals who belong in the school and quickly identify those who don’t.

Moreover, the lanyard helps prevent the loss or misplacement of crucial items like ID badges or access cards, which can be required for entry into specific areas of the school. By securely attaching these items to a lanyard, high school students reduce the risk of forgetting or accidentally leaving them behind.

In all, in times of heightened security awareness, the use of lanyards contributes to a safer school environment by streamlining identification processes and ensuring that essential credentials are always within reach when needed.

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