Best 2016 Campaign Logos, Part 1

Yes, most people are writing about important things like economic policy. As printers, though, we can’t help but notice design. Here’s our list of the best designed 2016 presidential campaign logos. Since there are so many (mostly hopeless) candidates in the running, we’ll split this list by political parties. This one is just for the Democratic candidates.

6. Jim Webb

Webb’s campaign takes the title for the ugliest logo. Arial black, impact, and similar fonts are usually not a good idea. Overall, it’s boring and takes no risks.

jim webb

5. Lincoln Chafee

Chafee’s design sense is better than Webb’s. The contrast in font types works, but just like the one above, it’s boring and doesn’t take any risks. It’s what you expect from the political section of a stock clip art library.


4. Hillary Clinton

Clinton chose a simple “H,” using her first name instead of her last probably to disassociate herself from her husband Bill Clinton. Maybe that was a smart move, but in terms of design, we think it looks..okay. It’s simple and unique (definitely taking a risk), but it is also too geometric and boring. The arrow makes it feel too heavily weighted to the right. The colors are somewhat dull and lifeless, and they are too close in value to be all up in each other’s business like that.

3. Lawrence Lessig

The Harvard professor has a better eye for design than Hillary. It’s still a bit too geometric, but the white breaks up the colors and makes it easier on the eyes. The contrast in font types is also good. Lessig takes the third spot amongst the Democrats.


2. Martin O’Malley

Some designers have criticized Martin O’Malley’s logo for not looking “political” enough. They say this looks more like the logo for a chat application than a political campaign. We agree, but that’s not such a bad thing. This will definitely stand out amongst a crowd of boring poltical logos. The font choice is nice and the colors are energetic and work well.

1. Bernie Sanders

Sanders’s campaign created the best logo on the Democratic side of this election cycle. The colors are more energetic and optimistic than Hillary’s, and the white helps visually digest them. The font choice is completely unorthodox as far as political campaigns go, making it stand out, but it evokes friendliness and accessibility, something the self-described democratic socialist wants to promote in order to dispel the idea that he’s a radical. Smart choice, while still creating a great design.

Plus, it fits his goofy look:

As election season ramps up, we’ve been receiving more and more orders for campaign products. Here are some buttons in the production process at our Houston, Texas facility:

bernie buttons

To make your own buttons or other campaign products, visit our site.

You can find Part 2 of our list of the best campaign logos here.

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