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Packed with marketing potential, promotional document bags and promotional messenger bags will draw attention of the target crowd towards your brand. Create brand exposure at your corporate and business sponsored events with promotional bags with logos.

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The Barracuda Business Briefcase
The Dolphin Business Briefcase
The Mariner Business Briefcase

Leave positive impact on business associates or patrons by providing document bags with zippers that they will be able to use long after the events are over. Employers can give the employees promotional messenger bags as recognition rewards for their dedication at the workplace. Having impeccable style, promotional bags with logos will serve as miniature billboards on everyone’s shoulders. For professionals who are working and commuting at distance, these custom document bags will be ideal tools for carrying essentials. We have several types of promotional document bags that you can order for students, employees or corporate clients. Choose our Barracuda Business Briefcase, Dolphin Business Briefcase, Full Time Business Brief Bag, Mariner Business Briefcase, Outlook Business Brief Bag, and Quill Meeting Brief that best fits the budget and style according to your needs. Apart from ensuring that the essentials inside are protected, document bags with zippers would prevent important items from falling off by accident. Making high-value item, the custom document bags will be perfect for educational institutions, offices, and organizations. As promotional messenger bags have ample space, they will let you carry folder files, gears, gadgets, legal size documents, and umbrellas etc. Having front zipped pockets, organizer sections, and sturdy carry handles, they will be resourceful tools for your everyday needs.