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Due to the viral pandemic, hospitals are running out of surgical masks for which the CDC recommends using reusable cloth face masks and preserve medical masks for healthcare professionals. We have huge assortments of fabric face masks in printed designs.
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The front-line and essential workers need to stay safe when viral pandemic hits, so keep the medical masks for them use cloth face masks instead. Thus, to combat the pandemic, each of us needs to be responsible by protecting ourselves to prevent getting infected and infecting others. In case you need to run errands at pharmacies and grocery stores, put on cloth face coverings by covering from the top of your nose to the bottom of your chin. As the airborne particles, smoke, and infectious agents may infect you if directly exposed, it is better to use reusable cloth face mask as the first line of defense. Moreover, respiratory viruses can live up to three days on various surfaces, so to prevent from inhaling airborne pathogens, use our fabric face masks to cover your face. Using the fabric face coverings will at least trap microbes within millimetres of your mouth and nose. Our big collections of printed face masks include slogans, popular designs, and multicolored graphics for you to choose from. Furthermore, their soft breathable cotton material contains a comfortable inner layer fabric that comes with fabric ear loops in elastic fitting fashion. Besides, these washable face masks are easy to wash with low heating. If it is not possible to maintain social distancing in public transits and in waiting queues, then wear a reusable cloth face mask to block out germs. Covering the face will slow down spread of harmful pathogens.