Face Masks

Since last year, the increasing number of patients has rendered a critical situation in hospitals
worldwide. Doctors and healthcare professionals have had to toil endlessly going on rounds from
emergency units to isolation wards. Our non-woven, disposable face masks can aid them in such medical crises.

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Disposable face masks are normally used by patients and doctors for safety purposes. However, given
that the novel disease is hard to detect and some people could also be asymptomatic, it has been
advised to the general public to wear masks while they are outside. The one-use face masks are
essentially good for the current global situation as they help protect you from foreign substances the
whole time you are out and you could dispose of them as soon as you’ve gone back home. This function further guarantees no transference chances. Also, instead of risking your health to get a pack of face masks from a public pharmacy store, buying some online is a much safer alternative. We have a large collection of face masks that you can choose from and they are specifically manufactured for civilian use. While we do offer great regular protection, we prioritize access to medical grade masks to only doctors and medical workers. Our disposable face masks are made of three breathable layers that will keep you safe from air-transmitted harmful particles, dust, and other allergens.