Safety Face Shields

The recent pandemic has taught us that we take our health and safe keeping for granted. We now must learn to embrace the “new normal” with proper gear. However, there are people who have worked in dangerous situations for years now. We have safety shields for when the employees work in high-risk places and for you to run errands in.

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If you are looking for safety shields that can be disposed of after being used one time, then our protective disposable full face shields are for you. Made of transparent PVC, it comes with a comfortable sponge forehead pad and the fabric elastic strap can be easily adjusted to fit your face. We also have a similar product made of food grade plastic and without the forehead pad. However, if you are looking for reusable ones, we have that too. They are also made of transparent PVC, but without the forehead pad. We also have some fog-resistant face shields that will prevent any condensation if you work in a place that constantly fogs up. There are face shields with additional eye protection as well and these are ideal for high-risk places. If you are looking for some face shields for your children, we have got some that you can customize to any design that your kid might like. We have some custom full color face shields for adults and children that can be used for awareness campaigns and customized with the organization’s logo.