Mechanical Pencils

Being the best study tools for people of all ages, personalized pencils will let recipients to take notes or sketch having good grip and flexibility. Used on a regular basis, they will let your brand logos be seen regularly and create continuous exposure.

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Branded pencils will undoubtedly turn into the perfect miniature billboards on everyone’s hands creating exposure for your brand logos and contact information. Students, teachers, and employees at educational institutions, offices, and organizations will be delighted to receive custom pencils as gifts. As reliable accessories for constant writing needs, custom pencils will become your daily professional writing tools. Build promotional potential on lectures, conferences, seminars, and campaigns by handing out branded pencils to visitors and event attendees. Recipients will be constantly reminded of your thoughtfulness when they use these custom mechanical pencils for their writing needs. Make the high-volume promotions successful by giving away our moderately priced branded pencils to potential patrons. Having pocket clips, comfortable grip, and plastic tips, promotional mechanical pencils can be carried in your pockets, purses, and backpacks. With sophisticated designs and great blends of modern features, these pencils will become favorites over traditional pencils. Employers can give custom mechanical pencils to employees that they can use to take notes, sketch documents, and prepare catalogs. The imprinted promotional messages in these pencils will be noticed by recipients when then are using them. Our promotional mechanical pencils have refillable leads that will allow you to utilize time and time again.