Custom Rain Jackets

Add Custom Rain Jackets to your business, Team and/or Club’s attire or uniform.

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Every place on this planet  has that time of year where rain is frequent and unavoidable. Not to mention, rain is a commonly occurring weather forecast in everyone’s life. The best way to avoid getting wet every time it rains is to cover our bodies and clothes with some sort of protection, whether it be an umbrella or a rain jacket. It’s quite challenging to move freely and travel to work in rainy weather, so custom rainwear allows you to get from one place to another without getting your clothes soaked. Customize your own rain jackets for your place of business, team, or simply for yourself. 

Our Collection:

Our Collection of custom rain jackets are comfortable and watertight. The fibers are tightly knit and don’t have a rubbery odor. They have excellent waterproofing ratings designed to keep individuals dry under the rain. Depending on the strength of the storm, custom rain jackets have the ability to protect your body.

Rain jackets cover our bodies to keep us dry while insulated. Our collection of  custom raincoats are manufactured with waterproof and strong water-resistant fabrics  such as Gore-Tex or Tyvek and coated nylon. In addition, no potent chemicals that might harm your sensitive skin and the environment. We produce them from the finest raw materials and quality manufacturing machines so you can be 100% sure that it is durable and reliable even after many uses.  

The custom made rain jackets are lightweight and easy to wear. You can move freely behind strong stitches without tearing the jacket. Another selling point for our collection of branded rain jackets are the well-made pockets features. No matter how big or small your gadgets and accessories are, they will stay protected inside the pockets. We offer a variety of size items you can search through.

Important Features

These custom rain jackets from are also designed with ventilation and perforation to allow for easy airflow and breathability. Furthermore, it balances the “warm feeling” despite it being manufactured with multiple layers and rubber. Having said that, the multiple layers and stitches won’t break even after many usages. It's durable and most of all the design will last after multiple washes. Furthermore, the custom made rain jackets are also eco-friendly. 

Umbrella Alternative

In some areas, public sidewalks and waiting areas lack roofs that protect you from heavy rains and powerful winds. As with other pedestrian walkways, the use of umbrellas during heavy rain and strong winds can be inadequate. Umbrellas and other rain gear can also be cumbersome. 

Custom rainwear is the most convenient and portable clothing option for a rainy day. You are able to be hands free.  We’re not saying the umbrellas are useless, but when it comes to monsoon or heavy rain, umbrellas are not enough. It cannot withstand any powerful winds, so the jackets are more plausible and practical.

As we mentioned, this is a lightweight with water-repellent features. It has basic hoods for further protection on your head. There are well-zipped pockets for your accessories or gadgets you want to carry with you without worrying about getting wet. Your branded rain jackets will also have well-made pockets against rain and droplets. 

Best Value

It’s tough to locate good custom rain jackets, specifically one that is affordable. Sometimes, they are expensive and of low quality. Here at, The custom printed raincoats are made of high-quality waterproofing raw materials and are attainable without breaking your bank. Compared to the other branded raincoats, we usually recognize the needs in the market and are practically manufactured to fit your needs.

Customizing your Rain Jackets

You can customize rain jackets with detailed artwork with as many colors as you need or a simple illustration with one imprint color. We offer a variety of customization options allowing you to personalize your jacket exactly the way you want. You can choose either screen printing or embroidery. Embroidery is a long lasting option that does not fade after a couple of washes and scratches. You can upload your own design, email us your design after, or use our easy to use design studio to create your own design. We also offer proofs so you can see what your product will look like before even ordering with the pay later option. 

An embroidered or custom printed raincoat can be a great addition to your marketing plan and serve as perfect giveaways during corporate events and conferences. People who wear the jackets will carry your brand and introduce your business around the community. Shop custom printed raincoats designed with your logo and expect a return-on-investment. It is also an excellent idea to serve this as a gift to your loyal customers or employees. Since these types of custom embroidered rain jackets are heavy duty, you can use it in the military, police force, and front-liners too. 

How to Take Care of Your custom raincoat

Like other clothes and jackets, custom rain gear needs to be taken care of and stored properly. Do not dump it on an abrasive and have sharp surfaces or else it might be scratched and punctured. If it has heavy stains, wash the jacket with water and ordinary laundry soap without acid or bleach. You may still need specialized detergents to remove other residues. It should not undergo heavy washing with fabric softeners, hard bleaches or steam cleaning. Do not place in a dryer or washing machine without heavy mode. You can request additional  instructions from on how to take care of them.