Thermometers & Oximeters

As much as everyone would like to evade mishaps, no one can predict them beforehand. Instead of using post-treatment processes, it is better to be prepared ahead of time with proper supplies. Thermometers are needed to get a temperature reading of an individual and oximeters provide pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation level readings. These are essential for every household and person to possess.

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In our collection, we have three kinds of thermometers; contact-free infrared thermometers, dual forehead, and ear infrared thermometers and reusable mylar forehead thermometers that come in our kid’s essential health kits. The contact free infrared thermometers give off readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. These can be used from a distance of 2 to 4 inches and they measure readings in 1 second. The dual forehead and ear infrared thermometers work the same way with the added feature of being able to switch from head mode to ear mode. Both thermometers are suitable for people of all ages. The reusable mylar forehead thermometers are provided with instructions on how to use them. Moving on to our oximeters, which are mini, portable ones and made of ABS plastic, these can be used by general people and healthcare professionals too.