Sneeze Guards

With the pandemic still looming over us, staying home is the best precaution. However, there are places
that cannot be avoided and for that, safety measures are still to be taken. These protective guards will help
best in creating necessary prevention.

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As everyone is advised to stay home as much as possible, implementing that in real life is rather difficult. Convenience stores, gas stations, banks and food services are unavoidable, even in a pandemic. So, it is best to move on with the “new normal” and be as cautious as possible. For areas where two individuals might have to communicate, we have sneeze and cough guards as perfect safeguards. These sneeze guards can be a great advantage to people, they can follow safety measure to prevent from any diseases in every interactive public area during flu season. The transparent guards create barriers in reception areas, bank teller windows, cash counters and registration desks between your employers and guests to ensure both parties are safe. We have different sizes and styles of sneeze guards in our stock. There are barrier guards that are raised from the surface, flush mounted, have top dividers and pass windows. The sneeze guards are easy to install, easy to clean and are made of durable acrylic. We have sneeze and cough guards of various sizes and the option for further customization is also available. You can upload company insignia or medical logos as custom artwork and it will be imprinted on with full colors.