Safety Glasses

Eyes are one of the most important organs of a human body. If anybody’s sight is compromised in any way in their professional environment, it would cause a tremendous inconvenience for both the employee and employer. It is paramount to protect yourself if you deal with dangerous situations in your workplace. Our safety glasses collection is suited for civilians to use in their professional place.

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If you are looking for strong and durable safety glasses, the Iprotect safety glasses with anti-fog lens is the pair for you. Made of polycarbonate, the glasses are designed to be scratch-resistant, chemical splash-proof and can protect your eyes from lasers and infra-red rays. The Iprotect glasses will provide the eye-protection you need all day long. We have some standard protective dustproof safety glasses that are one size fits all. The black temple wraparound design makes for a secured fit for the person who will wear these glasses. Made to be dust-resistant, scratch-resistant and fog-resistant, these glasses will aid you if you indulge in some high-risk tasks. Our collection also includes face-shields with forehead pads.