Protective Counter Barriers

Serving as preventive barriers creating separate partition, our counter barriers will ensure that both parties remain safe when conducting face-to-face communication. Place sneeze guard protection barriers on counter-tops and desks to create a blockade.
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Employers should consider the safety of the front-line and essential workers as a priority and install protective sneeze guards so that they are safe from the spread of the virus. Due to their acrylic plastic material, the sturdy cough guards are easy to install on any surfaces to prevent direct exposure to spittle and droplets. Even if people accidentally sneeze and coughs, having sneeze guard shields installed will minimize risks of infection. Protect the customers and employees simultaneously by setting up protective counter barriers at bank teller windows, payment checkouts, registration desks, and takeaway counters. When any customer will try to approach representatives for services and inquiries, both parties will remain protected through sneeze guard barriers. In confined areas, social distance barriers are going to act as protective shield to cashier counters, food pickup services, and service desks. As the turnkey solutions to meet clients’ needs and keep staff protected at the same time, counter barriers and cough guards makes perfect safeguards. Protective barriers are able to stand alone on tables, counter-tops, flat surfaces and floors making communication easier. Besides, the clear transparent virus allows for direct interaction without interfering with the interaction process. Moreover, the sneeze guards can be disinfected and cleaned within minutes to use in public places for imposing social distancing between two parties.