Protective Counter Barriers

As much as the doctors and medical professionals advise everyone to stay outside, daily necessary errands cannot be avoided. To ensure the safety of your employees and your customers, order from our collection of protective counter barriers.

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In this time of caution, protective counter barriers have been made to make bank teller counters, reception desks, checkouts at restaurants and many more public spaces safe for the general public. Although it is advised to stay home, many outdoor activities are needed to be fulfilled on a daily basis. As well as wearing necessary protective gear, other measures help ensure maximum protection; such as protective counter barriers in areas where two individuals need to interact. Avoid putting your employees’ and customers’ health at risk by installing these protective counter barriers. Arrange to install sneeze and cough guards on top of these barriers for optimum safety. These easy to use barriers help in making your daily interactive works much easier whilst keeping your health in check. We have a wide variety of protective counter barriers that differ in size, shape and purpose. Choose ones that best suit your environment in question and, if you would like, customize them using your company logos. You could also include safety precautions and warnings as customization on the barriers. The barriers are easily installed and can be easily cleaned, if necessary.