Gel Ink Pens

Meeting your regular writing needs, our custom gel ink business would work wonders and write finely till the last ink drop. Manufactured from plastic, they are imprinted with your promotional messages on the barrels and clips for lasting advertisements.

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Distribute our best promotional pens among your business associates, employees, clients, students, and patrons to remind them of your brand everyday. Recipients will appreciate receiving good value personalized gel pens to accomplish their regular writing tasks. Get these functional tools handed out among event attendees in goodie bag treats that will be real crowd-pleasers. For business meetings, exhibitions, seminars, and conferences, these custom cheap pens will draw people’s attention to your brand name. When recipients will smoothly write and sign documents with these elegant writing instruments, they are going to be reminded of your brand’s thoughtful gesture. Branded with logos and promotional messages, our custom cheap pens have a comfortable grip with retractable design. Due to their easy clicking mechanism, you will never have the tips drying out. Also, rubber grips will provide support when you are going through your note-taking process. Conveniently allowing you to write with speed and precision, our custom pens with gel formula will be the ideal writing instruments. Whenever recipients will be writing something, they will be displaying the imprinted logos to others. Generate brand exposure by ordering wholesale promotional pens from us that will be inexpensive promotional products and worthy gifts. Being miniature billboards on everyone’s hands, they will unleash promotional potential!