Custom Visors

Whether it’s to beat the heat and express your interests, our custom visors are perfect as accessories. Our wide range of custom visors provide you shade, make you stylish, or help get your message across. Perfect for sports activities, outdoor events, or casual outings, our custom visors are not only functional but also make great promotional items or team accessories.

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If you want merchandise for your zoo or museum to cater to the kids, you can get our 16 Inch Lion Foam Visor, 10 Inch Tiger/Cat Foam Visor, or 10 Inch Bear Foam Visor. The foam visors are made of polyurethane and are available in many different product colors. Our Transparent Summer Sun Visors and Transparent Sun Visor Hats are perfect for outdoor sports like golf, tennis, and more. There transparent visors are made of PVC and polyester to ensure that your sight isn’t impaired and you stay protected from the sun. We also have full coverage visors made of polyester, polypropylene, and cotton. All these custom visors are customizable, so showcase your brand, team, or come up with a custom message.