Wedding Koozies: Remind Your Guests Why They’re Here!

So you’re getting married and you’re thinking about party favors? Save yourself the hassle of trying to come up with unique, trendy ideas and go with some awesome custom wedding koozies! Now I know what you’re thinking…”But I want something cute and pinterest-y!” Well lucky for you, wedding koozies can be cute too! It’s all about the design! We just don’t want you to lose focus on what the guests care about most at weddings (hint: drinks) Let’s face it, no one actually wants to hear all the reasons you love him and all the promises he’ll make to keep you happy and bla bla bla… I can’t even finish this thought without wanting to reach for my drink. Anyway, koozies are great! What better way to remind your guests why they’re really here than by having koozies like the ones below! What a subtle, sweet reminder 🙂 It’s genius!

We have a ton of custom wedding koozie designs ready for you to pick from – but you can definitely make changes to the designs if you want. Don’t see one you love? No worries! Tell one of our sales reps what you have in mind and we’ll get one of our super talented graphics designers to bring it to life! We’ll even send you a virtual mock up to make sure it’s exactly how you like it. Already have a design made? Send it over! We’ll get to work on printing them!


Custom Wedding Koozies
Custom Wedding Koozies from

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