Remembering the Souls resting in Eternal Peace


Remembering the loved ones who have passed away, the All Soul’s Day, also known as the “Feast of the Souls” is observed on November 2. This day of remembrance focuses on praying for the souls of the family members and friends who are in purgatory. Since the day is celebrated with masses honoring the dead, you can get Custom Wristbands for everyone to wear in honor of your family member who passed away. They will remind you of your responsibility of living a sacred life as pray for the purification of their souls.


Wearing Custom Buttons, you can remember your loved ones and take your time to pray for their souls so that they may reach the gates of the heaven being purged of their sins. As all souls are not cleansed of their sins, so you can pray for them sincerely on this day.


At home, organize prayer meetings with your family members and relatives to remember your loved ones who need good deeds and prayers from the living members of the family. Honor their names through remembrance Custom Banners and decorate your home alters in their tribute.


As you follow the procession towards the cemetery before the mass begins, you can let the children carry Custom Hand Fans as the music plays as homage.


In commemoration of the departed faithful souls, you can order Custom T-Shirts for the family members who can wear them on the mass. You can also inscribe the names of your departed loved ones on these T-Shirts.


Another fitting commemorative item are the Custom Tattoos that you can put on in memory of your deceased loved ones whose soul you want to be released to heaven. Since praying for the dead on this day is a solemn obligation, pray to ease their sufferings and relive their memories in your heart. Your prayers could help the departed souls to undergo purification from purgatory to heaven.


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