Hope and Act on the World AIDS Day!


Aiming to spread awareness on the right to health, the World AIDS Day is observed each year focusing on helping the HIV positive people. The day was first founded in 1988 and was the very first global health day that united everyone to fight against HIV.

Observed on December 1, the day also commemorates those who have passed away through AIDS related illness. Organize events and help spread the message using our Custom Banners.


The World AIDS Day this year, will campaign on the slogan of “My Health, My Right”, to help people overcome the challenges of receiving and exercising their health rights. To end the threat of AIDS on public health, the fight to end the stigma of HIV transmission is necessary. Enlighten people on HIV issues and inform them of accessible health care facilities through community campaigns distributing Custom Wristbands for awareness.


Educational institutions, work places, and organizations need to educate everyone with resources through workshops and campaigns. Illustrate on the effects of HIV and how people can be aware beforehand to protect themselves from getting affected. Patients living with HIV need monetary support for their treatment, so you can help raise funds for this cause. On behalf of your organization, you can help raise funds for the National AIDS Trust (NAT) so that people living with HIV can receive further health benefits. Help patients receive their health right by raising funds through selling Custom T-Shirts.


Most people are also unaware of the wider rights to health such as the access to nutritious foods, housing, sanitation, living, and working conditions etc. The HIV patients needs to receive the antiretroviral therapy (ART)  for HIV infection, so you can help save lives by donating money for the cause and ask non-profit organizations to join in this combat. The statistics revealed by CDC shows that approximately 1.8 million people get infected by HIV while an approximately 1 million dies each year. So, spread information throughout the community using Custom Brochures containing health guidelines regarding HIV.


Educating the public is necessary to battle prejudices and increase awareness so that HIV patients know about their rights and laws. On top of that, there are vital needs for further research, scientific advancements, and medical treatments on HIV. Show support for the patients living with HIV by wearing red ribbons or carrying Custom Hand Fans in marches and campaigns. In this way, you can show solidarity with the HIV patients.


Get yourself involved as volunteer, activist, or healthcare organization at workshops and campaigns for the World AIDS Day. End prejudice and inspire people to wear Custom Buttons in support of HIV, and the discrimination and ignorance it creates in the society.







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