10 Other Practical Uses for a Cigar Trimmer

While not exactly a profound and healthy item to be had, cigars continue to have an atypical place in the modern world. A taste for such tobacco products is usually associated with a lifestyle of considerable pleasure.

More than that, having cigars on hand is also about de-stressing and relaxation. This brings to the fact that corresponding cigar accessories are also on the table for the rolled-piece enthusiast. Evidently topping this list is the cigar cutters.

Although the main purpose of cutting the cigars is to peel off parts of the cigar to satisfy the individual’s zest, there is more to the cutter than just chopping off the unfavorable pieces. Here are some of the practical uses for this chipping tool:

1. Paper cutter

Cigar Cutter as Paper Cutter

This is basically the immediate application alternative for cigar cutters. The straight or double guillotine type will be a good alternative for snipping papers. All a person needs to do is to roll a sheet and put it in the hole of the tool. The squeezing process soon follows.

It must be reiterated that cigar scissors are suitable only for soft and moderately-hardened materials. Solid materials like wood or stone or hard plastic can be destructive to the blade in the long run.


2. Vegetable slicer

Cigar Cutter as Vegetable Slicer

Although there is a considerable abundance when it comes to kitchen equipment, an extra option should always be on the table especially during emergency moments. This is where  cigar cutters become quite valuable.

Judging from the rather succulent nature of vegetables, the tool can be a suitable slicer. Of course, cutting the raw food will only be possible on smaller pieces. Perhaps converting the bigger ones and slicing these into a more reduced state is more preferred.


3. Nail Cutter

Cigar Cutter as Nail Trimmer

The irony of people remembering their nails to get clipped almost always happens when the appropriate tool is out of reach or not available. In this case, having a cigar slasher may become definitely helpful.

With a gadget on hand, there will be no reason to worry about dealing with hanging nails anymore. Most likely, the guillotine cutters or scissor type will be useful. However, precautionary measures must be taken into consideration due to the cutter’s sharpness.


4. Key chain

Cigar Cutter as Keychain

Cigar cutters can simply be utilized without having to nick or slit anything. It is quite handy to begin with. It is also pliable enough to attach small or minute items by hanging on a belt or bag. Opting for cutters to act as a key holder is plain resourcefulness.

The types of cigar tool that will probably be suitable as a chain can be the V-cutter, the punch cutter or the guillotine. Although the scissor kind can be utilized, it’s open blades can be dangerous when the item keeps swinging on the side.


5. String anchor

Cigar Cutter as String AnchorPeople who have trouble straightening out a strand or a cord can tap a cigar cutter as a counter weight to steady things. Within this context, it must be reiterated that only light strings can be unbent or uncoiled due obviously to the size of the tool. Heavy ropes are out of the question.

In addition, the cutter can also act out as an anchor for packing tapes. In rolling out the item, the cigar chomper can be used as a marker especially for colorless or plain types in order to prevent the tape from lurching back.


6. Portable knife

Cigar Cutter as Portable Knife

If left without any kind of sharp device, cigar cutters can be treated as a knife replacement. Although the item is considerably short, its jagged or blunted edge can be a dicey weapon. With an open blade on hand, a somewhat bent dagger is in play.

However, only the scissor-type tool can be a cutting option. Due to the closed-shaped orientation of the guillotine and other cigar cutters, tapping those as a mini-hatchet blade is being ruled out.


7. Beard slicker

Cigar Cutters as Beard Slicker

The absence of a razor for customers looking to shave will bring other alternatives into the picture. For any avid cigar customer, the cutter is likely a good tool to consider. However, extreme precaution is needed to trim a moustache or a beard considering the extreme proximity of the skin to the hairs to be nicked.

Both the guillotine and scissor types are options here. Actual movement of the tool must be delicate enough especially if the blade has been freshly sharpened. Due to the special edges of the punch cutter and V-cutter, it is not advisable to use them.

8. Crayon cutter

Cigar Cutter as Crayon CutterCigar cutters can also be relevant to children and creative artists. If sharpeners are difficult to locate, a chomper will make a probable replacement especially for crayon users. Considering that these colored materials are considerably light and soft, the blades will have no trouble slicing off the edges.

The only problem at this point is producing the pointed ends. Unlike the sharpeners, a cutter is flat upfront which makes it impossible for the device to produce a tip similar to pencils and pens. However, slicing the edges on a slanting position will likely result in a spear-like end.


9. Mini-shredder

Cigar Cutter as Mini Shredder

This may sound like a scenario straight out from a spy film but utilizing cigar cutters may actually lead to something useful especially where serious data are concerned. It is highly likely that this approach will only be pursued during emergency situations.

This kind of practical approach may go to waste if crumpling and tearing papers will be enough. If sheets with sensitive information must be fully obliterated, the tool can actually be turned into a minute shredding machine.


10. Wire coat clipper

Cigar Cutter as Wire CoatThere are wire cutters in stores but in cases where there are none or are impossible to get one, turning a cigar chomper into a coil nicker can be a possible option. The idea here is either to cut the wire completely or to unsheathe the cable of its covering.

In chipping off totally, a scissor-type cutter can easily do the job. The rather perplexing part is the process of separating the wire from its external layer but it can definitely be done. What needs to be done is to cut into the coil only halfway. Doing so will slice through the covering without hitting the wire.


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