Bridesmaid Guide: Bachelorette Parties, Custom T Shirts, and More.

Being a Bridesmaid

Assisting the bride is an honorable thing. Wedding or not, showing support is one of the noblest and priceless things a person can do. Before becoming a bridesmaid, you should ask yourself first: what are a bridesmaid’s responsibilities, and how can one support her bride? What is your role in planning the shower, the bachelorette, getting Custom bachelorette T shirts, etc?

Emotional and Social Support

Most brides think that the most nerve-wracking part of being married is being with the same person forever. However, planning the ceremony is on a whole new level of frustration. Numerous people state that being together is more important than the wedding. While that is indeed correct, the matrimony is also significant as it does not happen often. That is why preparations take about up to two years. One must consider several facets of the event, which is not easy for the bride to handle all alone. Therefore, bridesmaids should be there to aid in her need, not just with the parents but including their closest friends. You can do many tasks to help assist the lovely couple.

1. Financial Support – Marriage is expensive. You could help assorting financial expenses and creating a budget. 

2. Emotional Support – Being married is not a walk in the park. Not to mention preparing the food and decorations and making bridesmaid shirts for bachelorette events. Wear your bridesmaid shirts in unity to show the bride that you all are there for her.

3. Help plan pre-wedding events in addition to the wedding. Despite having dreams and a wedding planner to make it happen, giving suggestions is not a bad idea either. If you are married yourself, you can provide tips and recommend florists, catering services, and trusted wedding planners and coordinators. 

The best way to be helpful is to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette. You could design funny bachelorette party shirts for your trip along with a custom bride shirt to make her feel special. Browse bachelorette party t shirt ideas to make the best decision. 

Financial Support

We also mentioned financial support and how it can help the bridesmaid support their bride. For example, the ladies can bring their makeup kits and wear their themed clothing like bachelorette shirts. Bridesmaids rarely sponsor and give monetary gifts, but they usually provide their own needs; besides the makeup and dresses, they can also provide transportation and accommodations. Bridesmaids can again pitch in ideas about making custom bachelorette party shirts instead of wearing generic store-bought outfits.

The Bridesmaid Assorted Tasks

Wedding planners and coordinators usually handle massive preparations; photography, catering, prenup, floral arrangement, and many others. Thus, bridesmaids can help the bride decorate invitations, dress ribbons, games, entertainment, etc. They can even provide ideas for custom bride and bridesmaid shirts that the entourage could wear while doing tasks together. Due to these simple acts of help, the bride can now worry less, and at the same time, lower the expenses of the things by doing them at home. Nowadays, some bridesmaids volunteer to use social media and wedding websites to put all the necessary information that may answer the guests’ lingering questions before attending a special occasion.

The Bridal Shower

A wedding isn’t complete without having a Bridal Shower. The event only happens before the big day. The Bridesmaids are responsible for wearing bridal party shirts and getting gifts for the bride with the guests. Bridal showers originated before the 20th century and became popular in America, since then, it has spread in the west until it reached Asia. The primary purpose of bridal showers is to give gifts, advice, letters, and objects that can be used by the couple. The term shower, support, and encouragement are the main things that the bridesmaids give to the bride. Custom bride shirts are also something you can get to surprise the bride in her Bridal Shower.

The Bachelorette Party

One of the most memorable nights before the wedding is the bachelorette, so prepare your bachelorette t shirt ideas. The difference between a bachelorette party and a bridal shower is that the former focuses more on enjoying those last moments as an unmarried woman. In contrast, bridal showers focus on the bride and the gifts. There are two types of bachelorette parties, the loud ones and the quiet ones. The quiet one is a small party where girls drink, eat, and have fun with the bride. Some are singing karaoke, playing games, and other enjoyable activities while wearing custom made bachelorette shirts.

On the other hand, the loudest and wildest party is not complete without a night out on the town with the bridesmaids donning daring costumes and funny bachelorette party shirts. 

Some weddings don’t do the second kind of bachelorette party because their significant other may either be conservative or jealous. That is why they usually take a peaceful and traditional route. But of course, whatever mode of party you want to do, bachelorette party shirts should be there. If you want to bring bachelorette shirt ideas to life, you can check our website for more samples. You can choose inside jokes as a logo or tag in these custom shirts to be a little naughty without crossing any lines.

Wrapping up

It would be best if you had preparations finalized a month before the wedding; The catering, cake, band, dresses, events, gifts, bachelorette t shirt ideas, etc. And of course, the couple should be well prepared. The bride will be much more pleased and relieved, knowing that her bridesmaids are always beside her and ready to help anytime. And don’t forget to bring and wear your bridesmaid shirts, one of the best supports you can give before the wedding day.

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