A Guide to Creating Custom Banners

Creating A Custom Banner is EASY!

With any business campaign or charity event, custom banners are perfect for getting everyone’s attention.  Custom Banners are great for catching people’s eyes. You need to have the right size and design to attract customers to your business or cause. Many are worried about the difficulty of creating personalized banners from scratch; don’t fret. They are pretty straightforward. If you need our help, follow this guide will take you through the entire process step by step. In the end, you will be able to create a banner that suits your purpose perfectly.

First things first, select your banner’s location.

Banner location is a crucial point to consider before even starting on the customization of your banner. Deciding where your banner will go is essential to fix before anything else. The location will determine how you should design your banner as well. The placement of your custom banner depends on your targeted audience. Do you want it above your store’s door, beside a bus stop, in front of a movie theater, against a grey cement wall or propped up against a tree? You have to consider if people will be stationary or moving while they read your banner, as that will determine the size of the message’s font and the number of words you can work with.

Select the material that will best suit your banner’s spot

Whether you place the banner outside or inside will determine what material your banner should be. Vinyl is the best market option that suits both indoor and outdoor causes. We have an entire stock of cheap vinyl banners that you can shop for. We create custom banners from 15 oz premium glossy vinyl that is durable and long-lasting. The affordable banners come with the options of getting just hems or brass grommets and getting them both.

Craft the message ahead of time

Try to visualize what you want people to do after they see your personalized banner. If you have a sound business mind, you should know what draws people in and stimulates them in acting a certain way. And if even that seems too advanced, think about what would attract you personally to doing specific things. After that, choose your words wisely and remember less is always more. Banners usually catch attention from afar and, for a second, make that count by constructing a clear, concise message.

Set the ideal lettering

Since we already established that banners attract attention from a fair enough distance but only for a split second, your font needs to be big enough to catch their eye right away. You have to remember that your font’s height is directionally proportionate to the distance between your audience and banner. If you put your custom banner up beside a footpath, your fonts should be about 3″ to 5″ tall. Since people will be walking by the banner, too much height is not needed. On the contrary, if you decide to put your banner up in a high place, you can choose between a 12″ to 15″ font size. And if you aim to put the personalized banner up in a public place, going as big as possible with the font is best.

Pick a standard font and choose colors that have good contrast.

If you want to choose Blackadder or Brush Script for banner printing to make your message look all elegant, we need to stop you right there. As much as fancy fonts may tempt you, using classic ones like Georgia, Times New Roman or Verdana is the right way to go. Sophisticated looking fonts are quite hard to read, especially if your audience is mobile. So, choosing simple ones is ideal. 

Next, you should be selecting colors to start the vinyl sign printing process. There are a couple of things to keep in mind during this section. First, if you do not have any specific pre-planned designs, then the perfect background color is either white or black and in reverse colors. Second, if you have particular artwork and backgrounds, choose text colors that heavily contrast with the framework. The contrast will help highlight the message as much as possible.

Finally, fix the hierarchy of your message.

Before you start your custom banner printing, there’s one more thing to note. If you have more than one message to be delivered, We recommend not exceeding three lines. Any more and it will be too much for the eye to take in. Prioritize the preferred statement by placing the message in the middle and bolded for your vinyl banner printing. And voila, that concludes this guide on how to make the perfect banner that caters to your every need.