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How to Develop Your Logo Design Ideas

One of the most crucial aspects of any brand is the logo. Regardless of your industry or service, developing the best logo design ideas will set your brand apart from the rest.

To fuel your creativity, we’ve formulated a list of inspiration logo ideas that can help you develop one that fits your branding.

Whether you’re running a small startup or you have an established company, our logo design ideas for business and personal use will help you on your path to creating a memorable brand image.

Logos for Artists and Creatives

For those of you in the art sector, you’ll want creative logo design ideas that depict your artistic style while also capturing your audience’s attention, so they browse your online gallery. Since art can be a hard sell, you’ll want something that ignites passion and desire.

If you’re an artist or creative looking for cool logo ideas, you’re probably more than capable of designing one for yourself. However, check out these tips to help spark your creativity and move you forward on your artistic journey.


Unless you’re hosting a mixed-media gallery, you’ll want a graphic that relays what type of art you create. Are you a painter or a photographer? Using minimalistic linework, you may outline the silhouette of a tool of your craft. Think, paintbrush or simple film camera. This simple design is typically a crowd-pleaser because your audience has no question about what services you offer or the type of art you create.


Developing business logo ideas for your creative business allows you a lot of flexibility when selecting the appropriate font. While other industries, such as finance, need to stick with conservative typefaces, an art business can — and is expected to — push the boundaries. So let your personal style show! Just avoid adding too much flair; you still want it to be legible.

Color Harmony

If you’re drafting up small business logo ideas for a creative endeavor, don’t be afraid to utilize a variety of hues. However, you will still want to adhere to the primary tenets of color harmony to avoid a messy logo. You should opt for color combinations that are analogous, complementary, triadic, or tetradic. By playing with saturation, luminosity, and contrast, you’ll have a distinctive logo on your hands.

Small Business Logo Ideas

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and you’re ready to get yours up and running. To ensure you make an excellent first impression with your brand, you’ll want to showcase a well-designed logo. With these company logo design ideas that scream innovation, you’ll be confident that you can snag a portion of the market share.

Every great artist uses references throughout their career, so it would be smart to take a page out of their book and check out the logos of newly successful companies in your industry. Keep in mind that when we say “reference,” we don’t mean copy.


Startups are generally looking for new logo ideas that capitalize on the services or products they provide. While your specific business may not have one directly translatable icon representing your business, you can still incorporate key concepts from your brand.

An excellent starting point: use symbols that play on your business’s name. Or, a great concept for building company logo ideas is to take a complex symbol and break it down into its core components. For example, if you sell pharmaceuticals, you can take a molecule and convert it into simple shapes.


The font that you select has a huge impact on how people will view your company. While some differences might be subtle, such as choosing between sans serif and serif typefaces, others can drastically change how your logo reads. If you’re running a business and want to display professionalism, you should avoid overly-artistic fonts, such as Comic Sans.

So, keep it simple. The current trend is to incorporate a block sans-serif font that has clean-cut dimensions and fluctuating line weight.

Color Harmony

Many small businesses have opted to choose a cool (in temperature, not in style), monochromatic approach to their logo design ideas. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from giving your logos depth by incorporating different gradients and complementary colors.

Sports Logo Ideas

Whether you’re developing logo design ideas for your college sports team, after-work kickball team, or your kid’s little league team, you’re going to want a logo that beats out the competition. Whether you’re sliding into home or scoring that three-point shot, you’ll want a logo on your jersey that you can be proud to wear.


Choosing the right symbol that shows off your team is relatively simple. Whether it’s showcasing the ball and equipment used in the sport or you’re using the head of your mascot, it’s easy to pick a great icon. If you’re looking for symbols that showcase a sports business, try out more classic ideas for professional businesses, such as a well-designed abbreviation of your company name.


Slab serif fonts are a staple of the sports industry. This doesn’t mean that it’s your only option, though. For the typeface, you need to consider where the logo will be displayed. If they adorn jerseys, then choose a font that is bold and easily legible from a distance. If it’s for a sports company, then you can steer towards more traditional business fonts.

Color Harmony

Sports teams love to work within the warmer range of colors when fashioning their logo design ideas. Warm colors offer a sense of energy and excitement. Just make sure to keep the number of colors that you use down to avoid overloading your audience. When you think of a professional sports team’s colors, chances are you’re only thinking of two.

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