Custom Fundraising Ideas & Guide

Put a creative spin on fundraising!

As effective as putting together a donation box with the sign “Donate to Help” for raising money for charity, it is about time that someone had an innovative idea to revamp fundraisers. That someone could be you! If you need to organize a fundraiser and you are having a hard time thinking of original ideas, we are here with some suggestions that will hopefully be in the same ballpark as your vision. Before we go down to the nitty-gritty basics, we would like to share some tips with you. First, always use everyday, useful products that you can target a larger group of people. For example, if you have toys and games as items in a fundraiser for adults, you might have difficulty meeting your quota. However, if you bring in apparel, accessories, everyday utensils, etc., you will notice how smoothly and swiftly your fundraising campaign will go. Second, when you put together a corporate fundraiser, you could take your company branding to the next level. Combine promotional devices and the chances to win entries to exclusive events; you got yourself an exciting fundraiser.

The Safest Way to Conduct Fundraisers!

As mundane as the basics may sound, sometimes it is the right way to do things. Okay so, if we tell you to buy custom t-shirts in bulk for your fundraiser, you might want to click away. But hear us out; it is honestly one of the cleverest ideas you could implement into your fundraiser. You would be surprised how much this simple article of clothing can contribute to you hitting your goal. Of course, you will not be offering plain white t-shirts in your fundraiser. Consider your target demographic of contributors in mind, and make sure to have plenty of t-shirts from each category available on our website. You can customize the t-shirts based on the cause of your fundraiser. We carry many different styles, sizes, and colors. So, if you were worried about the fundraiser being too basic, you can zhuzh things up a bit by customizing the t-shirts.

Hydration is the key to good health and good fundraisers!

People should be hydrating themselves all year round. Unfortunately, we tend to take water for granted as it is so available and seems limitless. S However, countless unfortunate individuals do not even have access to clean drinking water. It is not as available and as unlimited; to them, it is luxury. Say you are organizing a fundraiser to bring clean water to those who need it with the proceedings. You can get different types of drinkware that the contributors can use on other occasions. Custom stadium cups and custom tumblers would be smart commodities to bring in the fundraiser as the contributors can use the product they are buying, and it relates to the cause as well. 

Take advertising to the next level with fundraisers!

Once you have entered the business world and your job is to think of new ideas to boost certain products, it can get challenging. It is pretty challenging to find a marketing tactic that has not been used too much and that your customers have not had enough. Giveaways are great, but you need to hit a particular milestone or require a special occasion to organize them. Sales are also good, but you cannot keep having them for obvious reasons. How about arranging a fundraiser along with a public organization and auctioning certain things that people keep seeking after? This way, you can use your company products, hit your quota, and spread awareness for good causes. It is hard to find good parking spots that are both available and near work. You can put our custom parking signs on your fundraiser, and whoever puts the highest bid on them can win their desired parking spaces.

There may be a world premiere for a hyped-up movie that everyone wants to attend. In bidding the highest on custom wristbands, they can win tickets to the world premiere. You can come up with more exciting ideas like these that will surely get your brand promotions soaring.

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