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If you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day with your best friend, you’ll want to show her how much you care with a gift you picked out particularly for her. Every February, this must-celebrate holiday—inspired by the Parks and Recreation episode of the same name —has become a tried-and-true tradition, and we love it. Who doesn’t want to have more girls’ nights in their lives? Whether you’re having a gathering at your place or going out for brunch with all your girls – celebrate your BFFs and your friends and maybe get them a little something to mark the occasion. And Galantine’s Day is THE PERFECT excuse to get all your friends together! Check out our top gifting suggestions below to make your pals happy.

Totes with the phrase “Sisters Before Misters!”

Choose a bold design like sisters before misters or pals before dates bespoke tote bags for all your ladies’ shopping, food, books, filthy trainers, and everything else they carry. Perfect for adding a touch of creativity and fun wherever they go. Plus, custom tote bags are a practical and environmentally beneficial present — what’s not to like? It doesn’t matter if your best buddy has a date for Valentine’s Day or not; they’ll always have your love linked to the totes!

Mugs for Galentine’s Day!

If you’re hosting a small get-together, why not get each of your friends their personalized mug? Coffee, tea, prosecco, or mimosas go well together. Plus, if you all acquire the same mug design, you’ll all remember this wonderful day and feel a little closer regardless of where you are! When she sips coffee, tea, or hot chocolate from the custom mug, personalized with her and your names, she’ll be reminded of the bonds you share. The wording written on the cup, which comes in various sizes and colors, can define the essence of your friendship! You can even take it a step further by combining your favorite photographs with memorable words!

Custom Chocolate Boxes!

Boxes of Chocolates for Galentine’s Day are fun and delicious and an extremely jolly idea while celebrating! Brunch and your closest pals are like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re having guests over – put together a delicious brunch board for everyone to nibble on. Browse our amusing personalized chocolate boxes to find some tasty and unusual goodies for any of your sweet-toothed pals!

Cheeky Custom Aprons!

A timeless present that will always make people giggle! Why not get a cheeky custom apron for any baking friend, appointed chef of the day, or cooking lover to put a grin on their faces? Check out our apron design selections and pick your favorite right away!

Monogrammed Blankets for the Cuddly Queens!

You can never have too many blankets, just like you can never have too many bags, especially in the middle of the winter. For Galentine’s Day, any deserving lady would enjoy a monogrammed blanket to set the tone for a lot of cold-weather binging and lounging!

When you give the gift of something personalized, you can gain master-level gift-giver status. Browse our entire collection of monogrammed presents for ladies to find some fantastic ideas that are great for your Galentine. Don’t forget the card–and feel free to be mushy! It is the one time of year that it’s totally okay (and expected) to gush over your #WCW.

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