hobbies. It is also a fantastic time for marketers to invest in outdoor promotional freebies that increase their outdoor enjoyment.

Here’s a brief rundown of several personalized giveaways that are sure to be popular this holiday season. With these giveaways, you may wow your clients and staff and incorporate your brand into their outdoor activities.


Branded aprons will help your company become the topic of the town. It will come in handy for cookouts and BBQs for your recipients. Furthermore, these are ideal for various activities such as gardening and other home improvement projects. It also means that your message spreads throughout different circumstances, and your target audience finds it valuable!

Not to mention they are completely reusable, meaning your brand lasts with your customer for years! These thoughtful handouts will be the perfect keepsake for people to enjoy while burning up their favorite delicacies outdoors!


Beach Towels

Allow your recipients to get ready for those sweaty beach days or bike rides while remaining as fresh as a lily! Our custom beach towels are quick drying and highly absorbent; and will keep the users chilled and fresh even on a sweltering day. You can choose from different colors and customize them with your brand’s themes and logos.

Families can use these custom towels even after the beach day ends, thus reminiscing your brand through numerous other good times! You could be extra considerate and monogram their initials on each person’s towel to keep their moment elevated. With simple customization like this, your brand will thrive for a lifetime!



Everyone in the mood to dress to kill will be impressed by a pair of stunning custom sunglasses. Choose from a variety of UV-resistant sunglasses in a variety of frames and even lens colors to compliment your clients’ and staff’s spring wardrobes. Our bespoke sunglasses are hard to overlook because they are affordable and trendy.

A day at the beach means more Instagram selfies and, as a result, more exposure for your company! Create one of the coolest promotional gifts ever by matching the personalization to your company’s themes!



Custom apparel, the most popular type of custom giveaway, will undoubtedly stay hot this season. Choose from a variety of options, such as T-shirts or hoodies, to meet the needs of your target audience. Furthermore, you may complement it with fashionable accessories such as caps or beanies to provide your audience with more value. It will also increase the visibility of your company’s brand!

A group shot with the branded tees and accessories will undoubtedly boost your brand value! Furthermore, a fashionable personalized tee will stay longer and keep your customers grateful for a long time!



Encourage your healthy audience to exercise more while staying hydrated. Custom Tumblers are long-lasting freebies that will keep your brand in front of your customers. Use the great utility value of these drinkware items to assure a revitalizing brand promotion. Your consumers will remember to bring their personalized tumblers with your company logos etched on them every time they walk outside!


Car USB charger

Car USB chargers will make excellent giveaways for folks with an adventurous spirit and alike for long journeys. Promote your brand and keep your message fresh in people’s minds with these automobile accessories, just like the stress-free vibe of your phone not dying on you. In addition, whether your receivers organize family vacations or group vacations, your brand will attract a lot of attention.

So, which of these outdoor advertising items grabbed your curiosity or sparked your business spirit?

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