Work out a plan on how to go about it!

Whether or not you’ve been keeping track of it, prom is right around the corner. If you are already going steady with someone, asking them out to prom becomes a lot easier. But for all of you, young souls who still haven’t had the chance to ask their crush out, asking them to go to prom with you can be pretty nerve-racking. Just the thought of the simple task of going up to them and asking them if they would want to go with you might make your legs want to give up suddenly. It is both frustrating and scary, but we are here with some suggestions to help you.

 Not only will you need to make a special gesture, but you will also have to plan and prepare everything beforehand. Going over how you want to ask your person of interest out to prom, what to get for it and when you should pop the question can make things easier for you. After making a solid plan, you need to start working fast. To avoid the hassle of going to many places and losing precious time, you could visit our website and get the things you need from there as fast as possible!

Use customized apparel to your advantage!

Sometimes, you have to go classic and straightforward. You could get some flowers, chocolate, wear a tee that says, “Will you go to prom with me?” and show up in front of your crush’s door. This gesture has been tried and tested since the beginning of time, and it has always worked if you do it right. If your crush is your long-time best friend, you could gift them a customized t-shirt that says, “Be my prom date?” or something along those lines, along with a bag full of their favorite things. Simple gestures like these are enough to melt anyone’s heart! So, get to work and browse our collection of custom t-shirts. We have different types of tees available, along with varying options for customization!

Go big with our cutouts and signs!

If you decide to make a grand gesture but are unsure of what you will need and how to execute the plan, we have some tips! First of all, think about where you would want to ask your crush out to prom. Whether you do it at school or in front of their house will decide which option will be best. Once you have the “where” down, you can move on to the “how.” We have pre-packaged yard letters that you can customize with your message and clipart on our website. You can upload a cute question, such as, “I heard you are going to prom. be my date?” and choose from our selection of clipart to go with it. Along with the yard letters, you can get custom big head cutouts. Install the letters in the designated place. Stand beside them while holding a cutout of yourself over your face! 

Have a great prom!

Efforts speak louder than words. You now have walked the extra mile to ask someone you would like to go to prom with you. They will see how genuine you are, they will say yes! 


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