3 Most Popular Shirt Types


Allow us to assist you in locating the appropriate Gildan style for your custom clothing needs! Maybe you’re seeking the best embroidery shirts. Or are you interested in doing some direct-to-garment printing or screen printing? Or are you seeking the ideal blank tee? The good news is that Gildan is sure to have it! There are many choices, but we’re about to remove all doubt with our three most popular Gildan styles:

Gildan Ultra Cotton® 6 oz. T-Shirt,

Gildan Heavy Cotton™ 5.3 oz. T-Shirt, and

Gildan Softstyle® 4.5 oz. T-Shirt.

We guarantee that one of them will be a perfect fit for you. But first, let’s go over what’s what!


Gildan’s Ultra Cotton is not kidding around. It’s our heaviest pure-cotton tee in the Gildan family, weighing 6.0 oz. and made of 100 percent cotton. It’s well worth the effort for various reasons. For traditionalists, Ultra Cotton has the heaviest feel without the see-through aspect. You’d expect that traditional touch of pure cotton with that heavier feel. But Gildan has done us a few favors for the die-hard traditionalists. For starters, there’s Ultra Cotton’s preshrunk jersey knit. In the past, a 100% cotton tee wouldn’t have stood a chance against the terrible dryer, but Gildan’s preshrunk this fabric, so your tee will stay the same wash after wash.

The tear-away tag is another upgrade on many of the Ultra Cotton tees. A tear-away label does what its name implies. It is frequently lightly sewn with a paper-like material that is easily removable. It’s ideal for post-printing. Who created this shirt? Gildan did, after all. But who makes it? So far as any of your buyers are aware, you did. It takes us to the reason why Ultra Cotton is so popular. Ultra Cotton’s heavyweight comes in as a heavyweight champion, whether printing for your brand or embroidering for your business. A hefty fabric provides support. In the printing world, this translates to virtually error-free printing. And when it comes to needlework, your stitch is permanent.


Gildan’s Strong Cotton tee is another heavy hitter in the company’s tee lineup. But didn’t we get a little carried away with Gildan’s Ultra Cotton? Expect some overlap in each Gildan collection, but with differences that may be important to you.

The Heavy Cotton gives what you’d expect from a preshrunk jersey fabric comprised of 100 percent cotton. It has the same durable feel, is tight-knit, and has no see-through attraction as Ultra Cotton. The Heavy Cotton, on the other hand, is thin. Sorry if you weren’t expecting style. At 5.3 oz., Heavy Cotton still has the weight to withstand printing, embroidery, and general wear, but with a lesser volume comes a more pleasant feel! Trust us, it’s still tough, but this Heavy Cotton is a little lighter, despite its name. Some of these styles will have a tear-away tag. It’s another shirt made to make your own, just a little lighter, with the Heavy Cotton and staying power for printing or embroidery.


It’s easy to anticipate what Gildan was looking for with their 100 percent ring-spun cotton line with a name like Softstyle. You’re no softie if you prioritize comfort over anything else. It is the softest cotton available. So, what distinguishes Softstyle from Gildan’s Heavy Cotton and Ultra Cotton lines? If you’ve never heard of—or felt—ring-spun, let us explain what makes it distinctive. Regular cotton, such as that used in the Heavy Cotton and Ultra Cotton lines, is processed into smaller and smaller strands until it reaches the size of a typical thread. Is everything finished? Wrong.

There is an additional phase with ring spun. Those identical yarns speedily rotate around a ring mechanism—hence the term “ring spun”—and are wound onto a wide bobbin. This procedure thins the strands and twists the fiber in the same direction, resulting in longer, softer, and even stronger strands. Do you have a microscope? Ring-spun cotton will appear smooth and regular cotton will appear ragged and jagged. And all that twisting tightens the fibers even more.

While some like the thicker feel of conventional cotton, Softstyle is thinner, softer, and lighter, with the same durability and no show-through as a heavier line. But it’s not only a preference for the feel of the fabric. Ring-spun cotton is slightly more expensive than usual cotton because of the extra steps involved in its production.

Gildan’s Softstyle is unquestionably the ideal option for use with your brand. It has the tear-away tag, the desired cotton for printing and embroidery, and the softness that clients need. Oh, and it’s preshrunk, so those lovely prints stay in place. Softstyle is synonymous with success for your company. Or, as your blank apparel, we think you’ll agree it’s okay to go soft on yourself!

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