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Let’s talk about summer!

Summer brings about the fun side in everything and everyone. Outdoor events are abundant! Concerts, music festivals, and weddings mostly take place during summer. Students get their summer vacations, and they can finally plan worry-free entertainment and trips. Going to the beach or having pool parties is pretty up there. You could also take your family or friends kayaking and paddle boarding. All you want to do is dip in the cold water or be around water to get some relief from the heat. Almost all summer activities are about fighting away the heat. Everyone reaches for a cold one after a run or workout session. Even if you’re not exercising, nothing beats the feeling of having a cold can of refreshment in your hands on a hot summer day. What would be perfect is if the drinks stayed cool for longer, custom coolers! Not only will they keep your drinks chilled for a long time, but they are also available in many different styles. Custom can coolers are also great from promotional giveaways!

Browse through our selection of can coolers!

Premium Collapsible Can Cooler

Our premium collapsible can cooler is the most popular and well-known classic style of the can cooler. The foam can coolers are great promotional products for your company’s brands and party favors for your upcoming events. You can choose from the extensive collection of can cooler and ink colors to create the combination perfect for you. These are great for one-color designs. 

Full Color Foam Collapsible Coolies

If your design is full color, we have full-color collapsible can coolers for customers who want broad options for personalization. You can order these can coolers for upcoming vacations or parties as souvenirs! Bring some color to your pool parties with our fluorescent neon can coolers!

Premium Foam Collapsible Metallic Coolies

We also have metallic collapsible can coolers that are shiny and unique. There are five metallic can coolers colors and a wide variety of ink colors. These are great for themed parties, weddings, and corporate getaways. This can cooler is a bit more unique and will stand out compared to other can coolers. 

Neoprene Collapsible Can Coolers

The neoprene collapsible can coolers are among our fancy options because of the higher quality fabric. With thinner fabric material and tight stitching, they have a luxury feel and top-notch quality that will enrich the collection of beer lovers! The can coolers will fit regular 12 oz cans. So, order this to enjoy your refreshment cold after a long day outside!

Premium Foam Collapsible Slim Can Coolers

Don’t think we have forgotten about slim cans, because we haven’t! Our premium foam collapsible slim can coolers are new and available in stock, so grab some for yourself or your upcoming events! These can coolers are the slim version of premium collapsible can cooler created for all of our seltzer lovers. The slim can coolers fit the 12oz Standard Slim Cans. You can also choose one color or full color designs on this product. The one color designs get screen printed and the full color designs will get sublimated.

Zippered Bottle Coolers

You don’t have to worry about your beer bottles getting, as we have zippered bottle can coolers too. These insulated bottle sleeves will keep beverages cool in your grip while providing elasticity and durability. These bottle coolers can also safeguard your bottle from drop and breakage. 

Premium Foam Collapsible Coffee Wraps

Apart from chilled beers, sodas, and cola drinks, another favorite summer drink of many people is cold coffee! You can get our premium foam collapsible coffee wraps and fluorescent neon foam collapsible coffee wraps for your restaurant or café. These products can be designed with full-color logos or monograms and fit perfectly around coffee cups. 

Premium Foam Collapsible Can Sleeve

Custom can sleeves are last on the list. The premium foam collapsible can sleeve and fluorescent neon foam collapsible can sleeves offer more grip and condensation absorption. Lastly, you can get our blank can coolers to customize with your own devices as well.

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