Why give one when you can give many?

It’s the season of presents! You’ve made a list of what everyone wants or likes; now, you have to get them before Christmas. And it’s best to get all your Christmas shopping done before the crowds get busier. Wrapping your gifts is the next step. This year get creative and customize your gift bags with monograms or family crest. 

Besides Christmas gifts, your company might be planning a New Year’s giveaway event. It might have been an excellent year for your company sales-wise, so giving the clients or employees a token of appreciation would be thoughtful. In this case, you can stuff giveaway bags with high-value items from your company! Or create fun gift bags to give out at the annual corporate holiday party with a custom gift bag personalized with your logo. 

Shops tend to change their brand temporarily during the winter. It’s a good marketing strategy to attract more customers. If you have a retail store, you can get brand-new shopping bags for the holiday season to get your customers in a festive mood! Right after you have bought all the presents, you need good-quality gift bags, and we are here to help. We have a variety of shopping bags that can double as custom gift bags!

Let’s get you some high-quality gift bags!

The Custom Paper Shopping Bags – 8 x 10 are available in two types of materials, white and natural. This size is perfect for packing many small gifts together! We have two printing options for personalization: one color or full color. You could write cute messages like “From Your Secret Santa!”, or “A Bundle of Joy for My Bundle of Joy!” in one imprint color from our long list of choices. You can even choose to do a full-color design in the 6 Inch W x 6 Inch H imprint area. We do not offer full wrap customization. 

On the other hand, you might need slightly bigger bags for giveaways and store packaging. In that case, the Custom Paper Shopping Bags – 10 x 13 are the ideal choice. You could get these bags in either the natural Kraft color or white. This size is standard for various items. After choosing high-quality items from your company, you could give them to your clients in these bags. 

Packaging is everything when it comes to retail. You could include a few words of appreciation when customizing the bags. Since it is the winter season, it would be best if you picked the white material option for your shopping bags. Personalize the bags with catchy Christmas, Hanukkah, or NYE phrases to impress the customers!


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