The summer is here again.

All around the country, beer enthusiasts are dusting off their koozies and putting them to work! And just in case you’ve been living in a cave the past few years and have no idea what koozies are, they are nifty little can sleeves – or “beer jackets” – whose sole purpose is keeping your drink cold for the duration that company picnic. As a bonus, they keep your hands dry too, and can be customized to your own specific – and hopefully not too weird – tastes.

So, if you have understandably decided to jump in on the koozie mania this summer, here are a bunch of fun ways to use your them:

Keep Your Drinks Cold

Day Drinkin’ Koozies:
Day Drinkin’ Koozies:

Did we mention that koozies are irreplaceable when it comes to keeping your drinks cool?

Well, they are! Koozies are great for insulating your beverage, keeping it cooler in otherwise summery conditions. Be it soda, beer or moonshine, koozies are more than up to the task of keeping your drink chill, allowing you to savor that refreshing taste for as long as you desire. What more could you want on a hot summer day?

Poolside and Beach Accessory

If you end up on the beach or at a poolside – which you should because, summer! – koozies are there to keep your beer cold on such hot, humid days. Because life is often hard enough, and there is no need to add to that by suffering through a can of warm beer.

Did we already mention that they are great too at keeping your hands dry? They do this by preventing condensation from forming on the outside of your can or bottle. Plus, they’re customizable, lightweight and easy to clean, making them pretty much the perfect summer companion. So, throw on your shades and sip your chilled beer in style with these irreplaceable helpers in hand. You’ve earned it.

Outdoor Gatherings

From backyard barbecues to camping trips and picnics, koozies are the perfect companions for outdoor gathering. They keep your drinks cold, prevent spills and add a personalized touch to the occasion. Plus, they can help distinguish between various drinks when different colored or personalized koozies are used.

With their convenience and functionality, koozies contribute to a more enjoyable and hassle-free outdoor experience for you and your guests.

Game Day Companion

Koozies make the perfect game day companions, adding a touch of team spirit and practicality to your sporting events. Whether you’re cheering at the stadium or joining a tailgate party, these portable drink insulators ensure that you enjoy your favorite beverage in style while showing off your team pride!

Remember, you can get koozies featuring your favorite team’s logo or colors. Which is to say that koozies are, among other things, a fantastic accessory with which to show your team spirit.

Creative Decorating

Take your summer creativity to the next level with koozie decorating! Whether it’s using fabric markers, heat transfer vinyl or embroidery techniques, koozies provide the perfect canvas for showcasing your artistic skills. From custom designs to theme-based decorations, the options are endless. Stenciling, spray painting and mixed media techniques allow you to add texture and depth to your creations.

Let your imagination run wild! Transform those ordinary koozies into unique masterpieces that capture the spirit of summer. It’s time to get crafty and make your koozies the ultimate creative statement this summer!

Summer Party Favors

Be ready to amp up your summer parties with the ultimate party favors: koozies! These trendy drink sleeves not only keep your beverages refreshingly cold but they also bring a personalized touch to your festivities. With so many customizable options, you can add a unique flair to each koozie, making them the perfect keepsakes for your guests.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, poolside bash or beach bonanza, these affordable and practical party favors are a must-have for every summer shindig. Get ready to wow your guests and create memories that will last long after the party ends!

Mini Planters

Did you know you can repurpose koozies as mini planters for small potted plants? All you need to do is add some soil and a succulent or herb and voila! You have a charming and portable little garden that can brighten up any space.

Indeed transforming koozies into mini planters adds a charming touch of greenery to any space. With their small size and portability, koozies make perfect homes for small plants or succulents. They provide protection, insulation and drainage for plants while allowing for easy customization with various colors and designs. Whether you create a mini garden or use them as individual accents, koozie planters offer versatility and an opportunity to upcycle while adding a touch of nature to your surroundings.

So, grab some koozies, pick out your favorite plants and let your mini planter garden thrive!

Where to Find Your Summer Koozies

Are you wondering where to get your hands on koozies for the summer? Perhaps the kind specifically customized to suit your tastes?

Well, you’re in luck! Imprint offers an abundances of options not just for koozies but for customized designs and printing. From foam to stainless steel koozies, screen to digital printed designs, the options are quite simply limitless. Hop over to the website and get your summer started in style!

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