We receive orders from small bands, choirs, and other music groups all the time, so we thought it would be nice to share some of the most iconic band t-shirts of all time (that’s right, since the beginning of time). If you are designing a t-shirt for your band, maybe one of these will inspire you!

1. Joy Division 

This is a very iconic band t-shirt by Joy Division, but did you know it’s actually a data visualization of the successive radio pulses of a pulsar? In fact, this is a visualization of the first pulsar ever discovered.

2. The Ramones

This might be the all-time most recognizable t-shirt in rock and roll. It was designed by artist Arturo Vega and is a reference to the Ramones song, Beat on the Brat.

3. Run-D.M.C.

Arguably the most iconic t-shirt in hip hop by certainly one of the most influential groups in hip hop. Its bold, but simple design has stood the test of time.

4. Nirvana

This was designed by Kurt Cobain himself. It’s said to be a distorted version of the acid house smiley face emblem.

5. Led Zeppelin

This t-shirt was for Led Zeppelin’s final North American tour.

6. Bob Marley

Official t-shirt of that guy in high school who tried pot once.

7. The Who

8. The Rolling Stones

This design was actually inspired by Mick Jagger’s very own lips and tongue. Kind of gross, but it became one of the most iconic band logos of all time.

Feeling inspired? Want to design a t-shirt for your band? Start designing right on your browser today!

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