Foster Friendship and Sisterhood on the International Friendship Day/ National Sister’s Day!

The International Friendship Day and the National Sister’s Day both falls on August 6 and are widely celebrated around the world. Whereas, one fosters friendship and bridges the differences among people, the other one celebrates the bonds between sisters. So, celebrate friendship and recognize sisters both of which add blessings to your life!


Try having dinner or a movie out with your sister and your best friend on this day to bring back the memories. Reconnect with your sisters and friends over a few drinks in these customized Coolies that you can take back home as souvenirs to remember the day. Reclaim the bond of sisterhood or friendship that you had back in your childhood which had made your life blossom into a beautiful existence. So, cherish the bond and give your friend or sister these customized Lip Balms as small token of your friendship.


This day not only celebrates the sisterhood between sisters but also celebrates the gift of friendship among people of different race, religion, and classes. So, build a global society and honor your sisters and friends that accept and appreciate world diversity.


Order these customized Wristbands so that everyone can wear to value the gift of friendship. Take time to send some love to your siblings or best friends in high school who was as close as a sister, they would love having customized Mugs as surprise gifts.


In case you are living with your sister or friend, consider decorating your home colorfully with our customized Banners adding special message, photos and personalize the décor.


You can also decorate the space at your apartment/ home with our dazzling and multi-colored custom Balloons adding Friendship Day or Sister’s Day messages on them.


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