Remember the achievements of Women’s Equality and the sacrifices of pioneers of the Suffrage Movement!

The world is witnessing the growth of women throughout the last century, when Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks achieved great development for civil rights or, great scientists like Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie, or Jane Goodall had numerous inventions in science which marks the empowerment of women. For this reason, the United States Constitution passed the 19th Amendment after decades of struggles continued by major suffrage activists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Lucretia Mott.


Finally this amendment granted women the right to vote. Hence, the Women’s Equality Day commemorates this great achievement of women’s rights and equality. In case, your organization is holding an event in honor, you can order these customized Hand Fans!


The sole purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the importance of women’s rights and privileges in the society. So, remember the sacrifices and hard work of the pioneer women of suffrage movement and giveaway custom Tattoos to women in their honor.


The first celebration of the Women’s Equality Day was observed on 1971 after which this became an annual celebration till today. Many organizations supporting and funding for women’s development arranges speeches, video displays, programs, and other activities on this day to mark this achievement. So, the women participating in these programs would love having these custom Wristbands as gifts to wear and support for the cause.


You can also call for women’s attention to continuous efforts for working towards equality anywhere whether it is at the workplaces, organizations, public facilities, schools, shops, and libraries by displaying the message through our custom Banners.


So, celebrate the anniversary of the contributions of the women suffragists and trailblazers who have made this hard-won achievement possible by holding workshops to address the issues and problems of women currently faced. If you are working at schools, you can take the opportunity to use this day for educating students of the women’s journey of the rights movement, distribute custom Buttons that spreads this message.


Encourage young women to be the leaders at the forefront of development with groundbreaking achievements in creating women empowerment to stand up and speak out for their constitutional rights and equality. Give the participants custom T-Shirts that deliver the message of hope for all the women regardless of class, race, or religion.


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