Time to Remember and Act for the International Overdose Awareness Day


To raise awareness of drug overdose and its negative consequences, the International Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD) is observed every year on August 31. This global event emphasizes on acknowledging the grief of the affected families and reduces the number of drug-overdosed deaths. We need to spread the message of the results of permanent injury through drug overdose, so that these incidents can be prevented.


To make people remember and rethink on this matter, you can organize awareness seminar, giving out custom Brochures to educate attendees on drug overdose prevention. So, wear custom Wristbands to encourage the families who lost their loved ones and show support for the tragedy of overdose death so that they can be prevented in time.


Globally there are more than estimated 98,300 – 231,400 deaths due to drug overdose in the United States which has created a drug overdose outbreak that needs to be prevented. The overdosed deaths are high among adult men and women regardless of all races, so everyone needs to take initiatives to create series of events that marks the importance of the ongoing fight against this epidemic. So, organize events and attract the attention of the public through the use of our custom Banners that let others know of this cause.


You need to make people aware about the risk of drug overdose and inspire them to help someone towards their path to recovery. You can do so by showing your support towards families who lost their loved ones and friends. In order to help these families, you can raise funds for the affected patients who have suffered permanent injury as a result of drug overdose. So, invite people to support for the cause by wearing our custom Buttons.


It is high time we take steps, so that the 187,000 approximate overdose deaths that occur across the world each year can be stopped. Motivate your awareness event attendees to wear custom Tattoos in support of the affect families and to honor the tragedy that exists.


With the help of your local authority and community members, reduce the number of overdose deaths by supporting this important cause and remind people of the risks of drug overdose. Introduce people with evidence-based strategies and practices that will allow them prevent the epidemic from spreading across your community. Help spread the word wearing custom T-Shirts for the people who are already struggling with addiction.


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