Being a popular holiday celebrated with families and friends is the Thanksgiving Day that is observed on the fourth Thursday of November. On this day all the organizations, schools, offices, and businesses remain closed so that everyone can get together and celebrate the occasion. Families prepare famous dishes with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and pumpkin pies to express their gratitude over family gathering.

While you have the special meals together with your near and dear ones, you can enjoy cool drinks in the Custom Coolies that everyone will love having as souvenirs!


It is believed that the very first Thanksgiving Day was observed in 1598 and the first proclamation was made by the first president of the United States on October 3, 1789. Later, the day became an annual holiday from 1863, and focused on celebrating the season’s harvest and year’s blessing. Make the occasion memorable by giving everyone personalized gift that they will remember and be able to use. Gather and enjoy traditional meals wearing same Custom T-Shirts with family names or photos imprinted on them.


Traditionally, it is thought that this holiday came from the arrival of the first religious refugees, pilgrims or the English Colonists at the Plymouth Plantation to America. as they celebrated the harvest feast since 1621. One of the popular attractions of the Thanksgiving Day is parades held in different cities. You can organize parades on behalf of your organization or club with local performances and festive Custom Balloons that will attract the attention of the crowd and help everyone enjoy the festivity of the event.


Enjoy the long weekend organizing family reunions, generous feasts, or family trips. Feel the enthusiasm and gratitude that this day offers to all the Americans. You can give gifts to your loved ones with baked cookies, flowers, or Custom Mugs as tokens of gratitude.


Kick off the holiday season giving thanks with special Thanksgiving Day Custom Banner and hang in the living room that would be a traditional heirloom for your family.


Celebrate the day specially by giving each of your family members to say grace before the meal that will set an example for the children. Keep these special moments captured through videos or photos that will be memories for the years to come. Reconnect with your family and friends giving everyone Custom Wristbands to remember the occasion. You can also ask everyone to write down their messages of thankfulness for the year in a journal that will serve as a token of remembrance. In truest spirits, make your Thanksgiving filled with treasured moments that makes your feel grateful for everything.



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