Stop Violence Against Children!


The United Nations Children’s Fund works on spreading awareness for children’s welfare and on various forms of exploitation and violence that they face in the society. This day of international togetherness was established back in 1954 so that everyone can contribute towards spreading awareness for the rights of the children. Coordinated by the United Nations, the Universal Children’s Day is observed on November 20 with the aim of reducing child neglect and abuse in societies. These exploitation occurs everyday at home, workplace, and educational institutions, it affects children both psychologically and physically.

You can take initiatives on behalf of your organization to inform every one of the children’s rights as declared by the UN General Assembly. Make a special effort to organize events and put on Custom Banners containing the Rights of the Child.


Draw attention of both the children and their parents by distributing Custom Wristbands at events containing passages from the children’s rights, motivating, or awareness quotes.


The UN General Assembly implemented the declaration and the convention on children’s rights to highlight on the issue of child violence, abuse, and exploitation. This year’s theme announces to “Stop Violence Against Children” as promoted by Save the Children organization. Sponsor campaigns and distribute Custom Hand Fans in rallies and marches to help draw the attention of the media to publicize the event at your community.


Everyone including our parents, teachers, civil rights activists, government leaders, media moguls, and healthcare professionals can promote and sponsor in nationwide events. They can celebrate children’s right by sponsoring Custom T-Shirts with dialogues for action that will inspire, support, and help raise donations for the underprivileged children.


The day is especially focused on raising voice for the unschooled, underprivileged, and unprotected children who needs support to fight for their rights and reach their potential. Help raise funds for the education, shelter, food, and medical support for the children whose voices remain unheard. Help this cause and lend your support by running your fund raising campaigns with our Custom Tote Bags.


To advocate for the welfare of the children, mark the day organizing music festivals, art competitions, and sports events. Help celebrate childhood and encourage fraternity by handing out Custom Tattoos for children, parents, educators, and leaders at rallies, workshops, seminars, and fundraisers.


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